Sunday, 3 December 2017

Unravel by Christine Bernard

Christine Bernard lives in beautiful Cape Town loves coffee, wine, her cute Guinea Pigs and words. She is a freelance writer and also writes for her own online magazine – Flat White Magazine.

Many people have dreams of what they want to achieve and Christine has made her dream of becoming a novelist come true with the publishing of her first novel “Unravel” a psychological mystery/suspense.

"Rose Madison is of sound mind, with a sharp focus and a willingness to succeed. At only twenty-three, she’s already won an award for her short story, and has been hailed as the next big thing in the literary world. She’s beautiful, funny, intelligent, and comes from a wealthy and successful family. It’s clear to all, including herself, that her future looks bright and promising.

Why then, does the perfect Rose Madison start to slowly lose her mind? 
This is a story of a young woman in her prime, clutching at the remains of sanity."

When I start a book I have to finish it that same day as I need to find out who dunnit or what happens in the end. The family and pets were ignored as I made myself comfortable on the couch with a large cup of coffee at hand and got involved in the unravelling of Rose Madison.

Rose is a sweet, friendly young woman with a group of close friends and a roommate who is willingly helpful and supportive. I felt so sorry for Rose whose world slowly started to collapse around her and I couldn’t understand who or why someone would do all those ugly things to her. Well I did find out in the end and you will have to read the book as I’m not saying anything more. I found “Unravel” easy to read and the characters were easy to relate to. A great first novel which needs to be on your must read list.

It would make a great gift for Christmas and even better you can also buy Christine’s second book “Will” (supernatural thriller) that has just been published.

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