Saturday, 16 December 2017

Gift Bags Are Boring

Are you horrified at the cost of wrapping paper and gift bags?

Don’t go and buy all those expensive rolls of Christmas wrapping paper that only end up torn on the lounge floor. Don’t buy those different sizes of gift bags that sometimes cost nearly as much as the gift. It’s time to change the way you wrap and give presents.

Buy one roll of cheap and pretty Christmas wrapping paper from a shop such as the Crazy Store and then a few rolls of cheap brown paper. You can even use the blank newsprint that is often found in your local newspaper. Go to a packaging / baking shop such at Foodpak and buy cake boxes. They are flat packed and start at R8.90 for the smallest box. You will need to staple the sides to assemble them. The nice thing about these sturdy cake boxes is that they can then be used by the recipient for storage or to fill with a cake.

Take the pretty Christmas wrapping paper and cut 2 strips long enough to go around the box lid and staple the ends to attach them. Make your own paper bow by cutting 3 different lengths of paper and sticking the ends together with tape. Stack the medium length on top of the longer length and staple them together in the middle. Use tape to stick the smallest on top. Make 2 paper “ribbon tails” and stick these in the middle of the box. Stick the paper bow onto top of these “ribbon tails”. There are lots of DIY paper ribbons on Pinterest but I found that this one was the quickest and easiest to make. Write the name of who the gift is for on one of the ribbon tails.

Everything is so expensive but most people want to give kids or family member’s more than one gift. Why not choose just one really great item and then buy a few cheap and cheerful items from shops such as Pep Home and Mr Price Home. If you have female friends or family members that love make-up then the Essence range is amazing for gifts with nail polish at just R29.99.

If the man in your life loves snacks for watching rugby – go along to Manolis and buy a few small packets of nuts, raisins and other fruit items. Put in a large packet of his favourite biltong as well and if he likes biscuits why not make them yourself. Men are so difficult to buy for and when I ask my husband what he wants his answer is always chocolate!

Fun items for kids can be found at the Crazy Store and Bargain Books is always a book lover’s paradise. Don’t forget about charity shops such as the SPCA and Hospice. So many treasures can be found and by buying from them you also support the charity.

Use the brown wrapping paper to wrap the gifts and place them inside your completed gift box. You can leave the wrapped gifts plain or tie a ribbon around them or even draw on the paper.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to make your gifts look great and also helped you to think “outside the box”  J

Bow found on Pinterest

See Snap,Sizzle & Cook for biscuit recipes

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