Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Delightful Deborahs

Do you love vintage, shabby chic and old world charm? Then I have found the place for you to visit and to take your Mother and your Grandmother to as well. It is situated at 5 Pioneer Road in Kloof and is called Deborahs.

I had heard of Deborahs for many years but had never gotten the opportunity to go. Which is crazy since they are local. So on a beautiful sunny day I met my friend and fellow blogger Inge for some coffee and cake.

Deborahs is very easy to find as Pioneer Road can be considered sort of a main road in Kloof. The coffee shop is also very close to Thomas More School. There is no intercom at the gate and you need to hoot for admittance and then drive straight ahead as the coffee shop is just through the gate. Choose your parking and park your car (make sure you watch out for the very large tree when you leave as I would hate for you to change your car’s shape).

Deborahs is a very large space and would be excellent for hosting a ladies tea or a birthday. Before choosing a place to sit (which ultimately was outside) we walked around and looked at the displays and at what was on sale. You can buy soap, journals, cups and other pretty items.

Inge and I sat outside at a table under a shady tree. Our menus were delivered to us as well as a warm fragranced face cloth so that we could wipe our hands. We both ordered a cappuccino and a slice of banting cheesecake. The cappuccino is okay but the banting cheesecake is divine! It was so relaxing with the warm sun and great conversation that we were both reluctant to leave.

When my sister Carryn was down from JHB I took her and my Mom to see Deborahs and we also sat outside but on the lounge suite under the awning. They were so impressed with the warm fragranced face cloths and all the beautiful decor inside and outside. There are so many quirky touches that I would love to use in my house and garden.

So the next time you are in Kloof, why not visit Deborahs and experience old world charm for yourself.

Deborahs is open Monday to Friday from 9am – 4pm

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