Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Memories of Cape Town

Cape Town has a very special place in my heart as that is where my son (first child) was born. We spent a very happy 2 years in Cape Town enjoying the weather – okay not so much the wind #hectic We also loved visiting the Winelands, the V & A Waterfront, Kirstenbosch and the scenic drives along the coast. As is the case when you live in Durban (not going to the beach) we didn’t go up Table Mountain even though we could always see it.

Caleb and I on Blouberg Beach

We expected to spend many years, if not forever living in Cape Town but suddenly my husband Neil was needed back in Durban. It was a frantic rush to organising the moving of the furniture and how we would get my car back to Durban as I would need to drive the company car while Neil drove the company bakkie. We also had to fit in all the sights we had not been to see as yet and the biggest of those was going up Table Mountain. 

Unfortunately the day we chose was not the clearest of days but we were in awe of the views and the experience of being up there. Our son Caleb kept trying to chase the inquisitive Dassie’s so that he could touch them. I used Neil’s cellphone (a large chunky thing) to call my Mother to tell her where we were. We also enjoyed breakfast in the cafe before descending the mountain.

Meyer family on top of Table Mountain

That was about 17 years ago and I have not been able to return to Cape Town again. Neil has been very fortunate to go back for business and about 3 years ago he did a motorbike tour. 

I love living in Durban and this is my home, but I have always wanted to return to Cape Town and see Table Mountain again. Plus there are quite a few coffee shops that are on my must see list #lovecoffee. What I need is cheap flight tickets to Cape Town.

I thought long and hard about what type of art I could do to properly feature Table Mountain and then I remembered that I still needed to do wood, nail and string art. This was one of the items on last year’s Creative Challenge (hosted by Lovilee) that I hadn’t had time to do. I also thought it fitting to use wood as wooden ships brought my ancestors to Cape Town and the use of string also “ties” me to Cape Town.

String Art :

Brown paint
String/embroidery thread/wool
Table Mountain shaped template

The wood base that I wanted to use had previously been painted blue and had a saying on it. I liked its roughness and it was a good size and shape to use. It needed two coats of brown paint to properly cover what was there before and then it needed to thoroughly dry before I moved onto the next stage. While it dried I looked on the internet to get a picture of Table Mountain so that the shape would be correct. I had to make sure that the mountain shape fitted perfectly on the wood base. This entailed quite a bit of printing and cutting to get it just right. Then it was time for the fiddly work of marking the nail placement on the wood base and hammering in the nails, which was done very carefully.

Once all the nails were firmly hammered in, it was time for the fun part – stringing. The end of the string was tied firmly to an outer edge nail and then it was wrapped around the next nail. I then continued until the open space was covered to my liking and the shape of Table Mountain could be seen clearly. Stringing is not that easy and was in fact quite fiddly to do. I had to keep a good tension between nails and often had to undo and try again.To finish I went around the edge of the mountain once more to make it stand out. Such a simple, but truly spectacular way to make a statement art piece.