Friday, 16 December 2016

Hill’s Transforming Lives – Incredible Stories & Awesome Prizes Still to be Won

If you are giving your pets the best with Hill’s and have a story to tell on how Hill’s has changed your pets life, then you must share that story on

We have just adopted a new member of the family. Say hello to our new pet child – Axel. He was adopted from the Durban Animal Anti-Cruelty League which is greatly supported by Hill’s with food and with adoption packs.

Axel on his new Hill's cushie and his favourite teddy

The pile of food recently delivered to the Animal
Anti-Cruelty League

The is a treat for any animal lover, with over a thousand heart-warming pet stories shared so far and over R100 000 of incredible prizes still available to be won before 31 December. To enter into the grand prize draw, brag a little (or a lot) about your own pet, or simply like or share the stories that are your favourites. Do it before 31 December and you could win an awesome R50 000 holiday as well as one of the fifty x R1000 vouchers available.

Since Hill’s South Africa launched earlier this year, over a thousand South African pet parents have shared how good nutrition has transformed their pet’s life. These include:

·         Ragna, the severely malnourished kitten who needed to regain a healthy weight before having eye surgery -
·         Loki, the adorable Pomeranian who was going bald before a change of diet -
·         Finnick, a velvety ginger tom cat who had almost been euthanized at 5 weeks old because of poor health -
·         Chumley, an adorable Pug puppy, who’s chronic urinary problem was solved with a special food -

It’s easy to find stories to touch your heart – search for your favourite breed, pets from your neighbourhood, those with a specific health condition or rescue pets for your local shelter.  For a chance to win make sure you visit before 31 December. Terms and conditions apply and are posted on the website.

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