Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Local is Lekker Will Continue

I wrote a post over here in August about visiting and discovering new shops and restaurants in my area of Kloof and Hillcrest. This is just a short update post of the places I have been to and I also have a change to make on the name of one of the stores. I also recently found an advert in our local newspaper about a new coffee shop.

Since the post was written Inge (Snap, Sizzle & Cook) and I have been to La Verdure and to The Tearoom at Two Acres Garden Market. La Verdure has become a firm favourite with Inge and she has returned at least 3 times since then.  Please see the original post about La Verdure.

Well – let me see what I can say about The Tearoom at Two Acres Garden Market. I will start with the positives. Fabulous garden, lovely decor and they sell yummy looking bottles of jam and other products. The food on the menu looked really good from the plates we saw going by. I did not order anything to eat but Inge decided to have the Apple & Caramel pudding which she found to be very sweet but still enjoyable. Now for the negative (only 1) – don’t order a cappuccino! I’m sorry to say it was awful. It was boiling hot, tasted burnt and there was a lot of coffee grinds on the bottom of the cup. I love to sit at a coffee shop and relax and I usually end up having two cappuccinos. Unfortunately the cappuccino from The Tearoom at Two Acres Garden Market did not encourage us to sit, relax and chat. I am hoping that they have a coffee intervention to save us all from bad cappuccinos!

That’s it! All the places I have been able to get to since I wrote the post. Yes, yes I do have excuses. I had to plan and pack for my Gauteng Adventures trip and I currently have my daughter home sick with glandular fever. Here’s hoping that next week will be the week I get to see a new place. I’m thinking that place will probably be Boa Vida Cafe.

Now for a bit of housekeeping. I thought the name of the store next to Bellevue Cafe in Kloof was called The Salt Store, but I have since found out that it is called Shop Adele Catherine.

The coffee shop getting added to the must visit list is called Springside Cafe and it is situated in Hillcrest.

I will do another update once I have been to at least another 2 or more places.

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