Monday, 19 September 2016

Bigger Better Bakers

Bakers biscuits have been the favourite of South African families for many, many years. Every family also has their favourite biscuit and ours loves Romany Creams Original and the Mint Choc variant. We also love the delicious Bakers Choc-kits. I am especially thrilled to have tasted the new Romany Cream – Cappuccino! It is so divine dipped into coffee.

A delicious "cappuccino"

There is also good news for biscuit lovers. Romany Creams are now available in bigger-sized value-bags. That means you no longer have to buy 2 or 3 boxes for your tea coffee party but just a 500g or 1kg bag.

Bakers had this to say about their new bag sizes :

“We wanted to tap into both purchasing and consumption needs for a variety of occasions, providing the right size of pack for the right treat time,” explains brand manager Janine Ho-Lin of Bakers® sweet biscuits. 1 kilo and 500 gram-sized bags on both the Romany Creams® and Choc-kits® brands (the packs now sport a vibrant refreshed look and feel) are currently on-shelf and they’re incredibly user-friendly. “They come in a block bottom bag that stands upright,” says Ho-Lin, and that means “packaging that’s easy to store in kitchen cupboards”, she explains. The new Romany Creams® and Choc-kits® value-bags also boast a re-sealable sticker on every bag to lock in the biscuit freshness for longer.

Apart from larger sized packs, Romany Creams® is adding a new member to their anytime-treat family. “The essence of Romany Creams® is that it’s an indulgent treat,” says Ho-Lin, explaining that market research highlighted a need for a Cappuccino flavoured biscuit. “Because consumers love enjoying coffee in different treat forms – from a drink to a dessert – introducing Cappuccino in biscuit format made perfect sense,” she says. “The heart of the brand is still the same coconut-based biscuit, but now it’s available in an indulgent Cappuccino flavour.”

A little something extra for consumers comes in the form of Bakers® much-loved recipes printed on packs. Recipes for delicious sweet dishes appear on both the Romany Creams® and Choc-kits® brands and are carried throughout the ranges, appearing on all weights of packs. To make baking with the biscuits really simple and enjoyable, the recipes are also found on the Bakers® biscuits website ( Written recipes can be shared on social media platforms and there are even step-by-step tutorials for aspiring cooks.

So the next time you need biscuits for a special occasion or just a craving, look out for the new larger bags in store. Try not to eat them all in one sitting!

Lots of biscuits and pretty Le Creuset cups for the perfect coffee party

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