Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Local is Lekker

I was just thinking the other day about how many places in my area of Kloof and Hillcrest that I have not visited as yet. You know how it is!  You either drive past the restaurant / coffee shop / shop or see it in the newspaper and think to yourself “That looks interesting, I must go and see”. The thing is – you NEVER get there. Yet you seem to manage to go and see a place that needs quite a bit of travelling to reach.  #ironic

It is really important to visit and support your local restaurants / shops / coffee shops as one day you may find that they have closed down or moved. I have recently started a list of the places I must visit in Kloof and Hillcrest. On the list so far are 5 coffee shops, a decor store and a florist that always advertises the most beautiful Proteas.

Two Acres Garden Market (Hillcrest) – have been once many, many years ago
Boa Vida Cafe (Hillcrest) – just opened and a great place for husbands as they are situated at Funnell Cars
La Verdure Real Food Cafe (Gillitts) – they sell banting products as well
The Tin Shed (Kloof) – 100 year old shed
Deborahs (Kloof) – tea garden and retail
Coralee’s Florist (Hillcrest) – florist, home decor and gift shop
Salt Store (Kloof) – home decor store situated right next to Bellevue Cafe

So why don’t you join me by making your own list of places to visit in your immediate area. You might surprise yourself and find a new favourite.

I write this post having already visited one coffee shop on my list – La Verdure Real Food Cafe in Gillitts. I regularly drive past the shopping centre where this cafe is situated and you must all please excuse the snow that’s expected tonight, since I had coffee there this morning with Inge Loker (Snap, Sizzle and Cook). They have a really good looking menu and I will have to return and have breakfast or lunch sometime. Their coffee is supplied by The Coffee World and you are able to buy beans from the cafe. La Verdure is a Banting / LCHF lifestyle adjustment, support and food Company and you are able to buy their products from the cafe and from their online store. 

Cappuccino is R19

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