Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Local Film : Noem My Skollie

I watched the preview of an incredibly dramatic Afrikaans movie on Monday 29 August at Ster Kinekor Cinema Nouveau at Gateway Theatre of Shopping.

I love watching Afrikaans movies as I think that it is such an emotive language and we have such talented actors in South Africa. My daughter and I love to go and watch together or we take out the DVD from Blockbusters to watch at home. Many times we laugh ourselves silly and find ourselves reaching for the tissues.

With Noem My Skollie (Call Me Thief) I found myself sitting at the edge of my seat and hoping in a lot of the parts that things would not turn out as they did. It is not a movie that I would take my daughter to, as I would dearly love to wrap her up in cottonwool so she didn't know of the awful things that can happen in this world of ours. Suppose it is rather silly of me as the kids and teenagers of today are so connected to the world through social media.

From the beginning until I reached for the tissues at the end, Noem My Skollie portrayed the harsh realities of life of the gangs and the horror of prison. But it also showed that even if you have made a complete mess of your life you are able to change.

At the bottom of the post are the list of cinemas showing the movie. Support our local movie industry and go and watch, and you cannot make the excuse of not understanding Afrikaans as there are English sub-titles.

South African cinema audiences can look forward to the release of Daryne Joshua’s directorial debut, Noem My Skollie, which releases countrywide on Friday 2nd September 2016.

The film, set on the Cape Flats and in Pollsmoor prison is based on the life of scriptwriter John W. Fredericks. 

Noem My Skollie tells the story of four teenagers, AB (Austin Rose) and his three best friends Gimba (Ethan Patton), Gif (Joshua Vraagom) and Shorty (Valentino de Klerk) who grow up on the impoverished ganglands of Cape Flats in the 1960s.

Despite their circumstances, the children try to avoid the gangsters who infiltrate their daily lives but when AB goes through a traumatic experience they decide to form a gang to protect themselves. 

The four friends, now like brothers, do not commit serious crimes, but the police keep a close watch on them as they grow from teenagers into popular young men. Eventually the now older AB (Dann-Jacques Mouton) and Gimba (Gantane Kusch) are arrested whilst breaking into a shop and sentenced to two years in jail.

It is here, in the vicious world of prison, that AB decides to use his storytelling talent to entertain the hardened prisoners and raise his status whilst his friend, Gimba engages on a very different path to ensure his own safety…     

When AB is released from prison he picks up on the relationship with his beautiful childhood sweetheart, Jenny (Tarryn Wyngaard) and so tries to focus on writing his stories to impress her, but his gang friends persuade him to join them one last time, a decision that leads to shocking consequences for all of them.  

Noem My Skollie is a true big-screen cinematic experience that will keep viewers spellbound in a world that has never before been depicted in such an authentic way.

The film is beautifully shot with intricate attention to the detail and mood of the 1960’s period and presents convincing performances from a host of celebrated South African actors and refreshing new talent.
Most importantly the film is engaging and entertaining throughout and delivers a massive emotional impact.

Noem My Skollie delivers on the themes of friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, acceptance, the desire for a better life, hope and love.  The title of the film plays on the old adage that one should not judge a book by its cover and promotes the view that everyone has a gift even if sometimes hard to find and even if that gift comes at a price.  

John W. Fredericks, left school as a teenager and spent many years of his youth in jail and yet he has managed in his sixties to write a major world-class screenplay.

This film will resonate with all South African audiences but particularly those who are able to confront the violent reality of the world of the story and are willing to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit.
The entire script is written in Afrikaans but the film is presented with English sub-titles.

The powerful score was composed by internationally renowned Cape Town musician, Kyle Shepherd - winner of the Standard Bank young artist of the year award in 2014.

The cast also comprises, among others, Christian Bennett, Gershwin Mias, Oscar Peterson, Abdu Adams, Peter Butler, Charlton George, Jill Levenberg, Denise Newman, Sandi Schultz, Andre Roothman, Paul du Toit and Irshaad Ally and a stellar performance by newcomer David Manuel who plays the jail-boss and who was still serving his parole whilst the film was being made.

Noem My Skollie was produced by David Max Brown and Moshidi Motshegwa (Maxi-D Productions) in association with M-Net, kykNET the NFVF and the DTI and distributed by Ster Kinekor Entertainment. 


Cinema List

The Bridge (PE)
Tygervalley (Cape Town)
Somerset Mall
V & A Waterfront Nouveau (Cape Town)
Promenade Mall (Cape Town)
Garden Route Mall (George)
Mimosa Mall (Bloemfontein)
Gateway (Durban)
MooiRivier (Potchefstroom)
Sterland (Pretoria)
Brooklyn Nouveau (Pretoria)
Kolonnade (Pretoria)
Irene Mall
Rosebank Nouveau (Joburg)
Cresta (Joburg)
Eastgate (Joburg)
Riversquare (Vereeniging)

Canal Walk (Cape Town)
Walmer (PE)
Woodlands (Pretoria)

Labia (Cape Town)
Minimax (Paarl)

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Local is Lekker

I was just thinking the other day about how many places in my area of Kloof and Hillcrest that I have not visited as yet. You know how it is!  You either drive past the restaurant / coffee shop / shop or see it in the newspaper and think to yourself “That looks interesting, I must go and see”. The thing is – you NEVER get there. Yet you seem to manage to go and see a place that needs quite a bit of travelling to reach.  #ironic

It is really important to visit and support your local restaurants / shops / coffee shops as one day you may find that they have closed down or moved. I have recently started a list of the places I must visit in Kloof and Hillcrest. On the list so far are 5 coffee shops, a decor store and a florist that always advertises the most beautiful Proteas.

Two Acres Garden Market (Hillcrest) – have been once many, many years ago
Boa Vida Cafe (Hillcrest) – just opened and a great place for husbands as they are situated at Funnell Cars
La Verdure Real Food Cafe (Gillitts) – they sell banting products as well
The Tin Shed (Kloof) – 100 year old shed
Deborahs (Kloof) – tea garden and retail
Coralee’s Florist (Hillcrest) – florist, home decor and gift shop
Salt Store (Kloof) – home decor store situated right next to Bellevue Cafe

So why don’t you join me by making your own list of places to visit in your immediate area. You might surprise yourself and find a new favourite.

I write this post having already visited one coffee shop on my list – La Verdure Real Food Cafe in Gillitts. I regularly drive past the shopping centre where this cafe is situated and you must all please excuse the snow that’s expected tonight, since I had coffee there this morning with Inge Loker (Snap, Sizzle and Cook). They have a really good looking menu and I will have to return and have breakfast or lunch sometime. Their coffee is supplied by The Coffee World and you are able to buy beans from the cafe. La Verdure is a Banting / LCHF lifestyle adjustment, support and food Company and you are able to buy their products from the cafe and from their online store. 

Cappuccino is R19

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Marvellously Muddy

On Sunday my daughter and I took part in Muddy Princess at Giba Gorge mountain bike park. Since the beginning of the year we have done 6 events together : Midmar Mile, Spar Ladies Race, Riverside Trail in Umhlanga, ECR Big Walk, Night walk at Kloof Country Club and now Muddy Princess. My daughter walked Totalsports Women’s Race with her brother as I had another event to attend. I have already entered us for another 2 races : night walk in Winston Park and the Color Run.

My husband happily takes us to these events but he really thought I had lost the plot when I appeared after Muddy Princess sopping wet and muddy. We were fortunate he allowed us in the car – shoes off and sitting on a towel of course.

The Before

Well let me get back to telling you about the event. It was AWESOME! There were 15 obstacles and I only left one out. The scariest one for me was climbing up a cargo net and then having to grab hold of a pole to slide down. I had to throw my body at the pole after grabbing it with my hands. I’m pleased to say that I made it down safely. The obstacle that I could have done again was the very last one – a giant blow up structure that you climbed up one side and then slid down the other.  Have a look at the Facebook event pictures over here

We were "Be Snapped" after crawling under the cargo net

Coming down the trail to the last obstacle

Before the last obstacle

Up I climb

The muddy water we slid into

Usually it takes my daughter and I less than one hour to walk 5km’s, but this time we took about 1 ½ hours to complete the course. There was a bit of a wait to do obstacles and the course had a lot of ups and downs. It was the longest 5km’s I have ever done!

The After

It was a lot of fun and we are definitely going to do it again next year.

Go to Muddy Princess on Facebook and see if there is an event near you. I really recommend that you do it (if you are not scared of a bit of mud). It was an extremely well run event filled with lots of happy people. 

Me with my "mud mask" and a cappuccino

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Weekend Bliss at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa

On 13 August Neil and I will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. For the first night of our marriage we stayed at Granny Mouse Country House as it was known then. I remember driving at night with a toilet paper and shaving foam covered car – Neil actually had to stop and remove toilet paper from the windscreen so that he could see. We parked under pine trees and there seemed to be a very long walk to our room. It was a beautiful cosy room and a member of staff helped Neil clean the car in the morning. When we stayed at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa this past weekend we took a look at the Garden Rooms and it was either number 4 or 5 that we had originally stayed in. There have also been a lot of changes since that day with the Spa, the Wedding Chapel, undercover parking and extra rooms added.

21 year old me standing on the balcony of our room (14 August 1994)

This time we were very blessed to stay in one of their Deluxe Suites and what a room it was!! If only Neil and I could have fitted the suite into the car and brought it home. HUGE bed, big bath and shower, double basins, desk, makeup area, balcony, mini bar and tea/coffee station, bay window seating (loved this) and the all important fireplace.

Our fabulous Deluxe Suite

Our room 33, inside the main area lounge, the swimming pool

Granny Mouse staff certainly take their “Welcome Home” saying to heart. Everything was beautifully set out and we so appreciated the little touches. The food was incredible! Tasty breakfast buffet and very unique (and delicious) hot breakfast offerings. We enjoyed a brandy and chocolate tasting down in the cellar on the Friday night and an incredible wine pairing dinner in the Eaves restaurant on the Saturday night. We ate supper in the Bistro on the Friday night and also enjoyed lunch there on the Saturday afternoon.

Delicious array of breakfast food

Bistro supper : Chicken croquettes with blue cheese sauce, Grilled lamb chops, Chocolate slice

It was an amazing weekend and we came away feeling so incredibly relaxed. We can’t wait to return to Granny Mouse Country House & Spa and to be Welcomed Home again.

Our photo at the Granny Mouse selfie point

So happy to have seen the snow laden Drakensberg when we went out on the Midlands Meander