Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Union Square Restaurant

Most people have a favourite restaurant and would go there every day if they could. Have you stopped to think why you enjoy certain restaurants?  What sets that restaurant apart from the others? Is it just the food or is it also the feeling you get when you are there?

I have been thinking of reasons why I return to a restaurant and these are the reasons that I have come up with :

Firstly and most importantly is of course the food. Exceptional flavours and good portions are key.
Good value and visual plate appeal also helps.
Next up is the ambience, music and comfortable chair.
Wait staff also play an important role. They must get your order correct! They must also be available when I need them but please don’t come and ask me how the meal is every 5 minutes.
Essentially I return to a restaurant the offers me fabulous food and a relaxed feel.

I recently met the owners of Union Square in Durban North and got to try out some of the food that they serve. They have an incredible passion for their brand and they endeavour to give their customers the freshest and best food. They spoke often about offering a “home replacement” meal that is good value for money. They believe in delivering a fresh product therefore their meat is delivered daily.

Burgers are the most consumed product in the world and Union Square have brought the “Smash Burger” concept to South Africa. A “Smash Burger” is 100% ground beef + fat + a little salt that is literally “smashed” together on the grill to make a beef patty. There are no additives and the pattys are never frozen. They are so passionate about their meals that they even have different bread rolls for their beef and chicken burgers. The bread rolls are even made by different bakers.

Had to have a cappuccino #lovecoffee

Banting Burger
I ordered the Banting Burger off their interactive menu and the beef patty was divine. In fact the Banting Burger itself was delicious with all its different flavours. I also got to taste a newly developed product  - Rum & Chilli Ribs. Wow! They were finger licking good! Union Square have an attention to detail with all their meals and they even pickle their own red onions that are served on the smash burgers.

Interactive Menu

Rum & Chilli Ribs
Keen to try a “Smash Burger”? Get to the restaurant at 59 Adelaide Tambo Drive in Durban North or their new restaurant situated at Oxford Village in Hillcrest.

They have a fabulous special, especially for the Moms with starving kids. Every Monday to Thursday from 2:30pm – 5pm you can get a chicken burger for just R20! If you want a beef burger it will cost you just R30. Please note that this is currently only available at the Durban North restaurant and is for eat-in only.

On Tuesday it is UNiDAY - especially for students. A classic beef or chicken burger and chips, plus a beer, soft drink or a glass of wine for just R49. Please note that a valid student card must be presented when ordering and the special is also eat-in and available from the Durban North store.

I think I need to add food passionate owners to my list of what I look for in a restaurant.


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