Thursday, 2 June 2016

Master Maths

Whether it’s a Government or Private school, you are paying a lot for your children’s education. It can be disheartening to find that your child needs extra lessons and many times the extra lessons offered at their school is not enough.

My daughter is currently in Grade 9 and does not have a love relationship with maths (neither do I!). Last year when she was in Grade 8 her maths teacher was not the best (I am being nice here) and she started to slip behind in understanding of some of the maths concepts (she was not the only one). She attended the extra lessons at the school (peer tutoring) but it did not help at all. We reached a stage of desperation where the threat of failing the year loomed ominously on the horizon. Something had to be done urgently and I spoke to a Mother whose child was taking extra maths outside the school. She told me about Master Maths in Kloof. After a few phone calls, emails and me driving to speak to them, she was booked in to study in term 4 of 2015.

She attended 2 lessons a week of 1 ½ hours each for most of term 4. She had her own computer to work on with a set of headphones so she was not disturbed with what was happening around her. A workbook and notebook was given and there was always a teacher available to ask questions of in case she got stuck. I had a happier child after only the first lesson and I am pleased to say that she passed maths brilliantly at the end of Grade 8 and was promoted to Grade 9.

We did not send her back to Master Maths in term 1 of this year and she did pass very well. Unfortunately she was very sick in term 1 and she missed two weeks of school. Therefore her maths mark was only taken from those tests that she had done before getting sick. She also had to catch up on the missed maths work once she returned to school. Since term 2 is an exam term we enrolled her again for Master Maths to make sure she knew all the work and would be totally ready to do her maths exams. This time she also goes twice a week but only for 1 hour per lesson.

I can really recommend Master Maths and especially the one here in Kloof. The owner and staff are all friendly and extremely helpful. They all want to make sure that your child succeeds at school.

Master Maths takes pupils from Grade 4 to Grade 12. If your Grade 10 to Grade 12 child needs extra lessons for physical science then you can also enrol them for Master Science. There are over 150 centres in Southern Africa so there should be one near you.

Master Maths
Master Science
76A Old Main Road

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