Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Letibalm Nose and Lip Repair Balm

Those that love the cold are looking forward to fireplace nights and warm, woolly jerseys. Except for the one thing that everyone hates; a sore nose and chapped lips. Whether from being sick or just from Winter, help is at hand with Letibalm.

Constant nose blowing and cold weather can result in the delicate skin between the nose and lips becoming dry, chapped and painful. Letibalm is the only balm on the market that has been specially designed to care for lips, nose and the skin in between.

This area needs special care because the lips and nose have thinner skin and less moisture glands which make it more vulnerable to the elements.

Letibalm is a gentle, restorative balm that moisturises dry skin, helps to repair chaps and cracks and calms irritation. It also creates a protective layer to prevent further damage.  Made with natural decongestants menthol and camphor, Letibalm will help ease breathing.

Letibalm Paediatric (suitable for children 0 to 8 years old) and regular Letibalm (10ml liquid tube or a 10ml jar) are available at a recommended retail price of R70 at Dis-Chem, selected Pick n Pay stores and leading pharmacies.

Letibalm Paediatric (10ml jar) for children 0 to 8 years old – RRP R70
Letibalm 10ml liquid tube or 10ml jar – RRP R70
Stockists: Dis-Chem, selected Pick n Pay stores and leading pharmacies.

Don’t let your nose or your families noses suffer this Winter. Treat them right with Letibalm nose and lip repair balm.


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