Thursday, 12 May 2016

May Madness

Is'nt it crazy that it is already May??!! I still feel that Christmas has just ended and the year has begun, but we are already in the 5th month and will soon be looking forward to the next Christmas.

It has been a bit crazy at home as my daughter decided to change rooms to move further away from her parents (she is a teenager). We had to re-paint the room she was moving into and then I had to play musical cupboards trying to fit stuff that had been in that room elsewhere. The only really great thing is that I was able to have a clean out of stuff that had been lying around for years. So far I have taken 3 bags full of stuff to our local SPCA and I have already filled up bag number 4. My house is still a chaos zone as I had to move stuff into the dining room while we played musical rooms and cupboards. I am hopefully going to go through the rest of the stuff this weekend.

Just when I thought the end was in site my husband decided that this would be the perfect time to sort out our room, so the chaos it actually going to get worse. I can never keep our room carpet clean! If it isn't dirty paws from Bolt our Greyhound then it is thrown up hair balls etc from our cat Sparkle. I would have loved a wooden floor but since my husband is brilliant at tiling we have decided to tile instead. He will then tile right through into the en suite bathroom and will also replace the tile on the bathroom walls.

We replaced my daughters curtains with eyelet curtains from Mr Price Home and they have made such a difference to her new room. The curtains look fabulous and best of all they are so easy to open and close. The curtains in our room drive me crazy when they get stuck on the rail so I am definitely also going to get eyelet curtains once the room is complete.

So looking forward to the room changes but first I will have to go through the pain and suffering of a messy house in order to achieve it.

I see lots of cups of coffee are going to be needed!! #lovecoffee

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