Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Deen TV Launches a Kitchen Studio in Durban

Who doesn’t love cooking shows?? You get to drool and learn at the same time! Deen TV, Channel 365 on StarSat and 152 on Openview HD is about to inaugurate its brand new television kitchen-recording studio in Durban.

The kitchen studio will be a home to many cooking and baking television shows, as Durban is home to a unique brand of cuisine and the location could not have been more apt.  The Deen TV Kitchen studio is the brainchild of the channel’s Board Chairman, Hassim Jogee, and the project has been in planning for two years. 

The broadcaster has reached a milestone by unveiling a high tech kitchen for the use of television productions and the studio is fitted with the latest designs in kitchen cupboards, appliances and more.  The facility was designed with the television audience in mind ensuring the best possible angles capturing all the action as it happens. Sponsors like DEFY, KZN Boards, Maharani Tiles, Vawdas Interiors, H. J. Lighting, A. Sathar & Sons, Chatsmain Curtain & Blinds, and BREEZ Air Conditioners made the project possible.  

The new studio sees the inauguration and launch of two brand new shows on Deen TV. “What’s Cooking?” which will showcase the expertise of Chef Ismail Arbee as he takes the audience on a fun and experimental journey that will unlock your imagination and passion for cooking.  The series will cover unique fusion-style dishes.  

In a brief Interview Arbee said, “It's a brand new venture for me and a pure adrenaline rush to be cooking in a studio with cameras all around showing the world what I love to do and sharing my experience with everyone and teaching people new cooking techniques”.  Some of the dishes that one will see on “What’s Cooking?” include a Lamb rack with a mint honey and pomegranate reduction served with a sweet potato and parsnip crostini.  For fish lovers Arbee will whip up some grilled Sole fish with lemon garlic and mint coriander sauce served with creamy mushroom and pea barley. 

Now we all know a good dessert compliments a good meal.  Another series to be filmed in the studio is titled “Simply Desserts”, hosted by renowned pastry chef Zahira Mohamed.  Whether you’re skilled, or an amateur at baking, let Chef Zahira Mohamed introduce you to a world of hot and cold desserts with a modern take on your old favourites, as well as over the top creations that are trendy and spectacular. The most elaborate desserts are demonstrated and explained step by step on “Simply Desserts” so that no one gets left with an empty tummy.   

Deen TV’s Kitchen Studio will film the inaugural episodes of the new series on Thursday the 5th of May 2016.  

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