Thursday, 10 March 2016

New Hill's Lamb with Rice

Bolt loves his food and I mean LOVES! He is generally quite tolerant when Sparkle our cat eats his food and gives us pleading looks. In December the lovely people from Hill’s sent a discount voucher to buy Bolt some special food. It was the first time Bolt told Sparkle to get away from the food and we had only just opened the bag, he hadn’t even tried it yet.

This time we were careful as we didn’t want an incident. As it is Sparkle is number one in the house and she isn’t very appreciative of this dog. Whatever she says to him in cat language sounds horrible.

As always Hill’s have made a delicious food and we will have to keep the foodie bin firmly closed to prevent Bolt from eating it all up.

Bolt checking out his new food

Do your dog a flavour! Try Hill’s Science Plan Canine Lamb with Rice, a mouth-watering new flavour with the healthy nutrition you expect from Hill’s, South Africa’s most trusted pet food. Available exclusively from veterinary outlets, new Hill’s Science Plan Canine Lamb with Rice is made with high quality ingredients and scientifically formulated for a happy, healthy dog. Give it a try - Hill’s promises 100% satisfaction or your money back! #HillsMostTrustedPetFood.

If you’re currently feeding another food I suggest transitioning onto the new food over time. Simply mix a little new food (about a fifth) with your dog’s normal food, then slowly increase the % of new food each day until you’re exclusively feeding the new one.

For info, speak to your vet or visit the Website. Be part of a community passionate about pets on Facebook and Twitter

*Product sent for review purposes. However all thoughts and opinions are my own and Bolt’s*

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