Tuesday, 8 March 2016

LINDT Gold Bunny Easter Fun

This Easter have a very sweet time with the LINDT GOLD BUNNY, The Sound of Happiness.

Only one sound truly epitomises the childlike happiness of the Easter season – the telltale ring of the golden bell that adorns every LINDT GOLD BUNNY. 

A true icon of Easter, the LINDT GOLD BUNNY was created by a LINDT Master Chocolatier in 1952, after his son became mesmerised by a small bunny in their garden, which scampered off never to return.  In order to cheer up the distraught boy, the Master Chocolatier fashioned the first ever LINDT GOLD BUNNY from the finest LINDT milk chocolate, fastening a golden bell to his neck with a red ribbon to ensure he never got lost.
Today, the LINDT GOLD BUNNY heralds the arrival of the year’s sweetest season, its signature sound evocative of a special time shared by loved ones the world over.

New products

Joining the LINDT GOLD BUNNY family this year is a brand new LINDT GOLD BUNNY Sharing Pouch, which comes filled with easy-to-hide LINDT GOLD BUNNY treats.

What’s on this Easter

If you are in Cape Town or Johannesburg, the LINDT Chocolate Studios are offering the chance for you to bring the magic of Easter alive with this fun and interactive class, exclusively brought to you by our passionate Lindt Master Chocolatiers. First mould your very own official Lindt GOLD BUNNY followed by artistically creating and decorating an indulgent chocolate garden all made with the finest Lindt Chocolate. The class costs R200 and is approximately 1 hour long. For more information, visit www.chocolatestudio.co.za

This Easter, children in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban will have the opportunity to embark on the ultimate Easter hunt, as The LINDT GOLD BUNNY Gardens make their way to all three major cities over the holiday period.  These enchanting gardens will play host to a series of Easter hunts, during which children will be able to fill their baskets with delicious LINDT treats. Entry to the garden is free of charge and hunts take place twice per hour. For more information, please visit www.lindt.com

Gold Bunny milk, dark and hazelnut 100g R49.99 each

Date of events

·         Cape Town and Johannesburg: 19 - 21 March 2016
·         Durban: 24 - 27 March 2016 (Easter weekend)

Recommended age group: 4-10 years old

Gold Bunny milk 200g & Gold Bunny nest 150g R84.99 each

·         Cape Town: 9am - 7pm on Saturday and Monday. 9am - 5pm on Sunday
·         Johannesburg: 9am - 8pm on Saturday and Monday, 9am - 6pm on Sunday
·         Durban: 9am - 7pm on Thursday, 9am - 9pm on Friday and Saturday, 9am - 6pm on Sunday

LINDOR milk egg tray 168g & Gold Bunny pouch bag 90g R69.99 each

·      Cape Town: Col'Cacchio Court, Cavendish Square, 2nd Floor Dreyer Street, Claremont
·      Johannesburg: Mr Price 2 Court, Sandton City, Corner Rivonia Road and Sandton Drive, Sandton Central
·      Durban: Garden Court, Gateway Theatre of Shopping, No 1 Palm Boulevard, Umhlanga Ridge New Town Centre

Cost - Free/No charge

LINDOR assorted & milk mini eggs bags 100g R39.99 each

About Lindt & Sprungli:

Founded in 1845, Lindt & Spr√ľngli is a global leader in the premium chocolate category, offering high-quality products in more than 100 countries.

For the full range please visit: www.lindt.com The complete range is available from leading retail stores nationwide.
LINDOR big egg milk 215g R149.99

LINDT Gold Bunny milk 500g R364.99
LINDT Gold Bunny paw 20g R9.99

LINDT Gold Bunny mini milk 5 x 10g R34.99

Don’t forget that there is a LINDT store at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping to fulfill all your chocolate needs.

LINDT Chocolate Boutique
1st Floor Shop F160


*All prices listed are the recommended retail prices*

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