Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Bookworm Wednesday : Zululand Gold by Ian Tennent

I thoroughly enjoyed this second book of Ian Tennent’s series (the series still to be named). I especially enjoyed the parts where Hannes just takes his fathers bakkie and drives where ever he wishes. It brought to mind the fun I had driving my Mothers little red Mazda 323 round the wash line when we lived in Dundee (I was about 12 years old).  I wonder why my Mother let me do it! (Mom?) My Dad would also let me drive up to the aerodrome while he sat beside me with his hand on the hand brake.  He had to use the hand brake once when I was coming up to a stop street too fast! There was a feeling of so much freedom growing up in a small dorp (town). Of course in those days – shew I sound old! – we didn’t have cellphones and all the other paraphernalia. The thing is; as you head into high school the small dorp feels smaller and it doesn’t help if there are no cinemas and other things to keep teenagers busy. Fortunately for me we moved to Hillcrest at the end of my Standard 6 (Grade 8) year so I could never complain about there being no cinemas etc.

I am very interested to discover what Craig, Sean and Hannes get up to when they reach high school as Zululand Gold features them off on more adventures at the end of their senior primary school career. This time the adventures happen while they camp at Cape Vidal during the December holidays.  A strange Finnish boy called Tera with his Alphorn also features in a few of the more tense parts. What you ask? As if i’m going to tell you!

There is also the re-appearance of a foe they encountered from their previous adventure in Zululand Snow and he regularly features in Craig’s recurring nightmares. This time the adventure for Craig is about gold – specifically what could have happened to the Kruger gold.

I must tell you Ian that I was very upset to not discover what the issue is between Hannes and his brother Duncan!!  I hope that I can read all about it in the next book.

A fabulous read and a great follow on to the first book Zululand Snow. Support local authors and treat yourself to an amazing adventure story.

The eBook is available for purchase from Amazon and visit your local Exclusive Books, Bargain Books and Adams for a hard copy.

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