Thursday, 10 March 2016

Book Review : Zululand Snow by Ian Tennent

Isn’t it wonderful when a novel takes you back to your childhood? Not that mine was anything like Craig, Sean and Hannes’ in Zululand Snow. I think it was the mentions of the great battles fought between the British and the Zulus and also the carefree life in a small dorp. I spent a few of my childhood years in Dundee in northern Kwazulu-Natal which is surrounded by history. One of our school trips was a visit to Isandlwana and I have also been to Rorke’s Drift.

Ian Tennent certainly has a way with words and I could clearly “see” all that these boys got up to. I especially enjoyed the mentions of cricket which I understand as my son is a great lover of the game. Felt myself wishing I could klap Sean’s father for being a pushy parent and I loved the part where Sean achieves success.

This South African story is set in a small town called Kwaduma  (fictional) outside Empangeni and it tells of the adventures of Craig and his friends Sean and Hannes. Craig is determined to find the lost InKatha Yesizwe – the royal Zulu symbol of unity and strength. He has several letters dated 1879 that were passed down to him by his grandfather and he feels that he knows where it could be hidden. The boys face many trials and tribulations along the way and they encounter some rather strange characters as well. At the same time the whole community is scared that the Hammer Man could choose them.

I’m not going to say anything more about the story other than that it is filled with action, adventure, history and a touch (tiny) of young love (not that the girl has a clue). The novel is for Young Adults but of course these days adults are fanatically reading them all as well. You MUST add this novel to your reading list and then you can pass it onto your teenagers to read when you are finished. 

The ebook is available for purchase from Amazon and visit your local Exclusive Books, Bargain Books and Adams for a hard copy.

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