Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Sampar Crazy Cream

It is a crazy time of the year with everyone trying to finish their work and their Christmas shopping and get houses decorated. Our to-do lists never seem to end.

Now at least there is one thing that will be easier for you and it is also crazy - the new Sampar Crazy Cream. Crazy? How can a cream be crazy? Well when a cream looks like a cream but does more, then that would be crazy. White cream comes out of the bottle but if you look closely at it you will see flecks of what I will describe as foundation. When you apply it to your skin it mixes together creating a sheer coverage. Perfect for the woman on the go and for our summer weather. My kind of crazy!

Here is what Sampar has to say about their new product :

Sampar, a French skincare brand recently launched in South Africa, is adding a new double action product to their Cosmake-up range – a Crazy Cream! For those unsatisfied with BB and CC creams, Sampar’s new innovation aims to please. 
A product with multiple skincare and make-up benefits in one, Crazy Cream makes the perfect day cream for an even toned, smooth skin and gives the appearance of foundation without the heaviness of make-up. 
With their new Hydrocomplex formula, Crazy Cream enables the skin cells to retain moisture, giving you ultimate hydration and suppleness for up to 24 hours. 
SSP (Smart Sun Prevention), a breakthrough in sun protection, acts like a UV ‘vaccine’ at the heart of the skin cells, protecting the DNA and reinforcing the skin’s natural defenses against harmful UV’s that cause photo-ageing.  SSP is equal to a 15 to 20 SPF and lasts all day long.

Get Crazy-beautiful skin this summer with Sampar Crazy Cream.
Available in two colours: Nude and Tan.  Paraben free!
Purchase at selected Edgars and Woolworths Stores - R565 for 30ml.

Thanks Sampar for providing good crazy to our busy lives.

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