Friday, 6 November 2015

Anthology Flagship Store

Last night I attended the official opening of the new Anthology flagship store inside the Windermere Shopping Centre in Durban with Inge Loker.

Anthology is owned by creative and artist Terry Angelos. The shop started out as a pop-up shop that was only supposed to stay until the end of January 2014 but ended up with the offer of a permanent home. Terry has now moved the shop and created a beautiful gallery like space to showcase her art and the other items she sells - vintage, jewellery, clothes.

Wondering why the name Terry Angelos seems familiar? Take a look at these examples of her work.

Here are some photos I took of the shop :

Love this old typewriter used as a
necklace display

Such a comfortable chair

Anthology team - Terry 2nd from left

Beautiful elegant cake 

Amazing, delicious food!

It was also lovely to see Faeema Sader, Nadia van der Mescht and Nicola Ashe at the official opening.

Shop 5 Windermere Centre
163 Lillian Ngoyi Road
Morningside, Durban


The amazing and delicious food of various hummus (bean, chickpea, olive, sundried tomato etc) and homemade breads was created by the talented Khutso of My Gourmet 0617580362. No one could get enough of his divine food and I wasn't the only one to return more than once. Everyone was discussing as to which hummus was their favourite and mine was definitely the sundried tomato. Just thinking about it now makes me want more.

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