Tuesday, 6 October 2015

First Thursdays at The Commune

On 01 October I attended First Thursdays at The Commune in 39 Station Drive Durban with Inge Loker and Hazel Whitehead. We went to see Jane Sews Spring Capsule collection and to meet Maria Magdalena van Wyk and see her Wild Lines solo art exhibition.
Inge Loker and Hazel Whitehead

The Commune

Jane Sews studio

This is the third time that I had been to Station Drive (a new Durban creative hub). The first time I went to a Pop Up Shop hosted by Kirsty Milne of Peg & Pencil and the second time I went to see The Morning Trade market.

I have had quite a few conversations with Magdalena on Twitter and was thrilled to be able to meet her in person. Magdalena is based in Cape Town and you can read all about her and buy her beautiful art over here. My favourite of all her work is from the Wander Collection and is called “Winona Ryder”, with the cat over her shoulders. *starts saving*

Wander Collection and some of the 100 Tiny Originals

Maria Magdalena van Wyk

Wynona Ryder (Wander Collection)

We loved looking at Magdalena's beautiful artworks and at Jane Sews flowy clothes (love the dresses). Don't be sad thinking that you have missed seeing Magdalena's artworks as they will be on show at The Commune until 31 October.

Since we were feeling hungry, we decided to go out for supper and Nadia van der Mescht told us about a restaurant in Station Drive called S43. Just out the Design Factory door and take a left, go around a corner and make our way to number 43 - easy! That was a fun experience and it was wonderful to sit, chat and enjoy delicious food together.

S43 43 Station Drive

Maria Magdalena van Wyk

The Commune

Jane Sews



  1. I love this post!

    And from what I can see, I need that grey/silver dress in my life pronto!
    Lovey design...

    I have not made it down to Station RD as of yet, which is embarrassingly sad I know.
    I have heard great stuff about S43 which is not surprising as it comes from the same dream team that are Cafe 1999 and Unity Bar!

    You look so pretty love your dress Nicola.

    Jane Sews and Station Drive, Cee is coming for you soon :-)


    1. Thanks Cee! Lots of other fabulous places in Station Drive - a great design hub and I have heard that other great places will also be opening up.