Friday, 7 August 2015

Updated Coffee Routine

I just don’t know what has happened with the days lately. Time is flying by at a rapid rate and there never seems to be enough of it to complete tasks. The saying of “running around like a chicken without a head” seems very apt to me at this moment. The last time I blogged was the 12 July and that is crazy!

So to get back into the swing of things I thought I should start with an update on My Coffee Routine and the original post can be read over here

The big change in our coffee routine was that we purchased a coffee grinder, and what a change that has made. If you think that you are enjoying great coffee by buying it ready ground I can confirm that you are not! My friend Inge Loker gave us two bags of coffee beans and that was the driving force to buy a grinder. Firstly the smell of the freshly ground coffee is amazing and once you have brewed it and had that first sip ............ oh my oh my oh my.

We also decided to branch out with our coffee drinking and bought coffee beans from the Coffee Magazine’s Discover Great Coffee Club. I just ground the last of the last packet this week and I think we will be buying the Spring batch next. The Spring batch has coffee beans from Terbodore Coffee Roastery and Bean There Coffee Company (that is just 2 of the beans).

So if you are a lover of great (not just good) coffee you really need to buy yourself a grinder and coffee beans from the amazing local coffee roasters in South Africa.

Here is information that could help you out in your great coffee endeavours :

The latest magazine

The Autumn batch (we ended with Flat Mountain)

Coffey and Cake – a guide to great coffee shops and places where you can buy beans

South African Country Life magazine – I have been enjoying reading about coffee (the jargon, tips on making better coffee) written by Jamie Braun in her #CountryCoffee section

Krups burr grinder – a great entry level grinder that works very well. We bought it online from Boardmans

Krups burr coffee grinder GVX2


  1. My husband is completely obsessed with coffee! So I always make a point of checking out new coffee brands and spoiling him with it to try. And he loves it :-)

    1. You must look at The Coffee Mag's coffee club - we were very impressed with the beans supplied. Freshly roasted before packing and delivery was quick.