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Madame Macaron Baking Classes : Media Launch

I was very excited to get an invitation to the media launch on 14 May for Madame Macaron’s, macaron making classes. The classes are held at The Dirty Fork Ginja Kitchen Studio in Durban North and attendees can learn to make and fill macarons.

Viveshni Joseph is the baking genius behind Madame Macaron and on 11 April she held her first macaron class which was a great success. She is also offers classes on macaron fillings, novelty macarons, cake baking and cupcakes. Viveshni’s sister came up with the name Madame Macaron which embodies the fun yet classy spirit of the business. All the macaron baking is done in her home kitchen but she has recently also started using the Dirty Fork Kitchen Studio.  She is not formally trained so a great deal of her knowledge has been gained from practical experience. Besides the normal macaron size, Viveshni also makes mini (2cm) macarons and a giant (20cm) macaron that can be used as a birthday or wedding cake.


Full Macaron Class R580 – Tools (silicone macaron mat, piping nozzle, branded apron and notebook), 12 macarons to bake, decorate and take home, tea/coffee, cupcakes and cake, a demonstration on packaging your macarons as gifts and fun giveaways

Macaron Demo Class R420 – Tools (silicone macaron mat, piping nozzle, branded apron and notebook), 12 macarons to fill, decorate and take home,  tea/coffee, cupcakes and cake and fun giveaways

Follow-up Macaron Class R150 – This class is for those who have attended the Full Macaron Class and the Demo Class and want to troubleshoot their macaron making and perfect their shells using their own ingredients

Bake Your Own Cake & Eat It R520 – Learn to bake a cake from scratch and make a delicious buttercream to ice it with. The class includes a branded apron and notebook, piping nozzle, tea/coffee, sweet treats and fun giveaways

Decorate Your Cake & Eat It R350 – Bring along your own un-iced cake and learn different piping techniques to ice it. The class includes a branded notebook, piping nozzle set, tea/coffee, sweet treats and fun giveaways

Beginners Cupcake Class R360 – Make 12 cupcakes from scratch and learn how to pipe on buttercream using different techniques and nozzles. The class includes a branded notebook, piping nozzle set, tea/coffee, sweet treats and fun giveaway

The Dirty Fork Studio is a fantastic venue and has everything in it that you would want in your own kitchen. There is lots of space to move around so you are able to add ingredients, stir, beat and cook to your heart’s content.

I arrived with Inge Loker (Snap, Sizzle and Cook) at the Dirty Fork Studio just before 6pm. The event was to be from 6pm till 9pm. We were warmly greeted and ushered through to the bar area where delicious snacks were set up. Lots of kissing and hugging as our friends and fellow bloggers arrived. Of course when you get a bunch of bloggers and media together for an event the flashing cameras are to be expected. We mingled and chatted and then chose snacks and what we wanted to drink before making our way through to the kitchen. I chose a spot near the front of the room and at my place was a branded apron and notebook and the macaron recipe. Also there was a small box that contained macaron shells which we would get to fill and put together late.

Beautiful set up by The Candy Buffet Company

Delicious savoury eats by the Dirty Fork Studio

The Dirty Fork Studio kitchen

Branded apron and notebook and the macaron recipe
Empty macaron shells

Sweet treats made by Madame Macaron
Viveshni welcomed us all and thanked us for coming. She explained to us what we would do and see that evening and asked us all to have fun. We put on our fab branded aprons and made our way to the front of the room so that Viveshni could show us all how to make macarons.

Before I explain what she told us I must state that the word macaron is the correct one not macaroon.

“A macaroon is a type of small circular cake, typically made from ground almonds, coconut and/or other nuts or even potato, with sugar, egg white, and sometimes other ingredients such as honey, vanilla, spices, glace cherries or a chocolate coating (Wikipedia)”

“A macaron is a French sweet meringue based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, ground almonds and food colouring (Wikipedia)”

I am looking at what I tweeted so I can tell you what she told us about making macarons :

Macaron ingredients

Viveshni (Madame Macaron) in action

Take care with the quality of the almond flour that you buy. Sieve it when you get home and grind up any coarse bits in a spice grinder. Add icing sugar to the almond flour if it is too oily.

Egg whites need to be aged for 24 to 48 hours or you can cheat by giving them shorts bursts (6 seconds a time for a total time of 1 min) in the microwave.

Sift your icing sugar.

Make the mixture and pipe it immediately because if you let it stand for too long it will form a skin.

Use a whisk to mix the almond flour, icing sugar and colouring together.

Beat the egg whites briefly, add the sugar and then finish beating until a meringue forms.

Add the meringue to the almond flour mixture and mix together. You do not fold the mixture you stir and push it against the side of the bowl. It needs to be very well mixed.

Place the mixture in a piping bag and pipe rounds onto a piece of baking paper. It is not easy to pipe a macaron and I had to use two hands to do it.

Viveshni pipes one handed!

Me using two hands

After piping bang the tray to get out the air bubbles and then let the piped macarons stand for about 15-20 mins to dry.

Macarons are baked at 135C for about 20 mins or until the shells can be lifted without sticking.

They can be filled with buttercream, jam, chocolate ganache or any other filling of your choice.

It is best to eat a macaron the day after baking and filling as the flavours take time to develop.

After showing us how to mix and pipe the macarons (we also had a chance to try), we could then choose from the wonderful buttercream flavours to fill our own macarons. We could also choose from the various toppings to make ours extra special. It was such fun piping a blob of buttercream onto one half of a macaron shell and then sticking them together.

Flavoured buttercream fillings and pretty sprinkles

My masterpieces

Once we were all done we made our way through to another room to sit down and have more savoury and sweet snacks and of course chat, tweet and instagram. Viveshni then announced the winners of the prizes – first was Verushka (Spice Goddess), Second ........ Me!!!! And third was Faeema (Sparkling Labyrinth).

My fabulous prize

We all left laden with our beautifully filled and decorated macarons and other yummy sweets and eats.  

Thanks to Madame Macaron, Viveshni for a wonderful event and if you want to learn how to be a macaron master I really recommend that you attend her classes as she knows what she is doing.

Madame Macaron

Dirty Fork Studio

Love this decal in the kitchen

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