Friday, 22 May 2015

Huberto's Ice Cream Tasting

I was so happy that my sister Carryn told me about the post on Huberto’s Ice Cream Facebook page. Huberto’s are going to launch a new seasonal flavour and they needed the public’s help to choose what it should be. The exclusive tasting was held upstairs at the Bellevue Cafe in Kloof on 14 May and I attended the 2:30pm tasting. Before I get into what happened let me tell you a bit about Huberto’s Ice Cream
We as a family have loved Huberto’s for many, many years. When the kids were small we would take them to Huberto’s Ice Cream Parlour in Hillcrest to get them cones with the ice cream flavour of their choice. We would also buy a (or more) 2 litre ice cream to take home with us. My son even had an ice cream cake (I think it was Batman) for a birthday party one year. We also bought Cassata at Christmas time as an extra pudding. The Huberto’s Ice Cream Parlour was owned and run by Huberto Stempowski and the ice cream was manufactured on site. In 2004 Huberto Stempowski sold Huberto’s Ice Cream manufacturing to Graham and Lindi Barrett. They owned the company from 2004 to December 2011 when they sold it to Melissa Cuthbert. The factory is currently in Waterfall just outside of Hillcrest and they do have a factory shop. The factory will be moving to New Germany as soon as their premises is ready. The new premises will also have an ice cream shop and they want to expand their ice cream cake business as well as single serving ice cream desserts.

Their ice cream can be found at most Spar’s in Durban, all Checkers in KZN and most Pick n’ Pay’s in Durban. Checkers stocks 1L Sorbet (non-dairy mango, lemon, lime, strawberry and vanilla), 1L Luxury and 1L Sugar Free. Pick n’ Pay stocks the 1L Sugar Free range. Huberto’s ice cream is in 1 litre and 1.5 litre in shops and the factory stocks 125ml, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L, 2L, 5L and 6L.

Luxury : Double Chocolate, Fudge Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies and Caramel
Sugar free : Vanilla, Fudge, Chocolate, Chocca Mocha

Pick n’ Pay
Sugar free : Vanilla, Fudge, Chocolate, Chocca Mocha

Luxury : : Double Chocolate, Fudge Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies and Caramel
Sugar free : Vanilla, Fudge, Chocolate, Chocca Mocha


Okay! Now back to the ice cream tasting mmmmm.

Inge Loker (Snap, Sizzle and Cook) and I attended the tasting together. It is always more fun to attend an event with a friend. Inge had arrived there much earlier and kept herself busy by looking at a wonderful quirky shop called Fat Tuesday (love it!)
We made our way up the steep stairs to the upper room at Bellevue Cafe which was used as a gallery before. The place was beautifully decorated with the table setup and waiting for the ice cream to arrive. There was also a fun photo booth with props available. We took photos and then sat on a comfortable bench to await the start of the tasting.

Fun photo booth

Inge Loker

The flavours to test

Everyone was welcomed by Melissa Cuthbert and she explained a bit about Huberto’s and what she wanted us all to do. We all had to get a questionnaire to fill out about our ice cream buying habits and what we thought of the flavours that we had to taste. There was even a questionnaire for the kids with happy and sad faces on it. Then we were all let loose to taste test the flavour offerings.

Flavours :
English Toffee with toffee caramel swirls (sugar free)

Toasted coconut with real toasted coconut (sugar free)
Banoffee with toffee caramel swirls

S’Mores with marshmallow whip and chocolate ripple
Vanilla Brownie with brownies, caramel ripple and chocolate ripple

Red Velvet with red velvet cake crumbs

The ice cream to test

Inge and I started with the sugar free flavours which were not my idea of ice cream. The English Toffee was okay but I didn’t like the Toasted Coconut. You have to really be a coconut fan. The sugar free flavours are suitable for diabetics and great if you are on a diet.
Then we moved onto tasting the “real” ice cream. First up was Vanilla Brownie which I really enjoyed, with actual brownie pieces which I could taste. I gave it a positive review on the questionnaire. Second was Banoffee which was divine!!!! So, so, so, so, so divine!!! The only thing that I felt that could make it even more so was the addition of more toffee caramel (positive review). Third flavour tested was S’Mores which was so interesting and would be a winner with kids. I really liked it as it was definitely unique with the marshmallow whip texture (positive review). The last flavour I tried was Red Velvet which was okay. I am not much of a red velvet cake fan so I didn’t give this a positive review.

I scored the flavours in the following order : 1. Banoffee  2. S’Mores  3. Vanilla Brownie  4. Red Velvet  5. English Toffee  6. Toasted Coconut
Huberto’s really made it a special tasting as once you left you could choose a small tub of your favourite flavour. What flavour you ask? Banoffee of course!!


I am looking forward to see what flavour/s come out as the winner/s.

The new seasonal flavour will be launched mid June and will only be a limited number and exclusive to Spar.

Melissa Cuthbert and Me


Huberto’s Ice Cream

10A Woodlands Drive, Brackenhill, Waterfall

Bellevue Cafe

Bellevue Road behind Delcairn Shopping Centre, Kloof

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