Sunday, 31 May 2015

Family Update : Exam Time

Tomorrow is the start of the second term exams for my son who is in matric. My daughter who is in grade 8 starts on Wednesday.

I always groan when exams come around as it is extremely disruptive for me. The kids get dropped off at school the normal time (before 7:30am) and their exam starts at 8am. Exams run for 2 hours so I need to be back to fetch them by 10am. What can you get done completely in 2 hours!

On the days (2) when there isn’t an exam he doesn’t have to go into school. There are also 2 days where he has a double (writing in the morning and the afternoon) but I don’t get a breather on those days as my daughter has to be fetched.

So three weeks lie ahead for me of things taking so much longer to get done. At least I am not the one writing the exams!!

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