Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Mushroom Farm

One of my most favourite places to go with my sister Carryn is the Mushroom Farm complex in Hillcrest, opposite the Hillcrest Private Hospital. We like to go there especially for the delicious cappuccinos and lemon meringue pie at Go Cafe and to ooh and aah at the things in Mrs Pinkerton.

Jacqui  AKA Mrs Pinkerton has the most amazing shop filled with memories of yesteryear or for those of us who just LOVE vintage.

Here are a few photos from our recent trip there on a cool, overcast and drizzly day. Perfect for coffee!

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Go Cafe used to be inside Mr Price Home in Hillcrest before they were joined by Mr Price Sport. We were very sad to see them leave as it was our most favourite outing to have a cup of coffee and browse the decor items. We are not sad anymore as going to the Mushroom Farm is our new outing and we now have coffee and browse vintage items.

Contact Go Cafe on 084 238 6371

The next time you are in Hillcrest why not make a special stop at the Mushroom Farm for a delicious cappy and lemon meringue and browse (buy) in Mrs Pinkerton. They are not the only shops, there is also mushrooms to buy (of course), Peels Honey, furniture, a nursery, pet shop and others.


The Mushroom Farm 450 Kassier Road, Assagay, Hillcrest


  1. The fruit and veggie shop is also fantastic. Each piece looks like it has been polished. Lovely free range eggs too.

  2. Hi Pat! Yes that shop is fantastic. I also love the furniture shop