Friday, 17 April 2015

Matric Dance Day

Kids grow up so, so fast and tonight (17 April) my firstborn is attending his matric dance.

The high school has given all the matrics the day off so my son is sleeping in. Hubby took our daughter to school this morning so I will only have to go out to fetch her later. I had better not forget about fetching the corsage for Caleb’s date.

This afternoon it is the fun part of getting him ready and then we go to a friend’s house for drinks and snacks and to take lots of photos. A cousin of mine has lent us the use of his Rover (he is driving it as well) to take Caleb and his date to the school. We need to get there before them so we can see them arrive.

This is the fun part of the matric year but when it is over he needs to get ultra serious about school work.

Here are some photos!!!


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  1. What fun, I hope there's no load shedding for their dance. Paige has been on committee and is also waitressing tonight!