Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Mushroom Farm

One of my most favourite places to go with my sister Carryn is the Mushroom Farm complex in Hillcrest, opposite the Hillcrest Private Hospital. We like to go there especially for the delicious cappuccinos and lemon meringue pie at Go Cafe and to ooh and aah at the things in Mrs Pinkerton.

Jacqui  AKA Mrs Pinkerton has the most amazing shop filled with memories of yesteryear or for those of us who just LOVE vintage.

Here are a few photos from our recent trip there on a cool, overcast and drizzly day. Perfect for coffee!

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Go Cafe used to be inside Mr Price Home in Hillcrest before they were joined by Mr Price Sport. We were very sad to see them leave as it was our most favourite outing to have a cup of coffee and browse the decor items. We are not sad anymore as going to the Mushroom Farm is our new outing and we now have coffee and browse vintage items.

Contact Go Cafe on 084 238 6371

The next time you are in Hillcrest why not make a special stop at the Mushroom Farm for a delicious cappy and lemon meringue and browse (buy) in Mrs Pinkerton. They are not the only shops, there is also mushrooms to buy (of course), Peels Honey, furniture, a nursery, pet shop and others.


The Mushroom Farm 450 Kassier Road, Assagay, Hillcrest

Friday, 17 April 2015

Matric Dance Day

Kids grow up so, so fast and tonight (17 April) my firstborn is attending his matric dance.

The high school has given all the matrics the day off so my son is sleeping in. Hubby took our daughter to school this morning so I will only have to go out to fetch her later. I had better not forget about fetching the corsage for Caleb’s date.

This afternoon it is the fun part of getting him ready and then we go to a friend’s house for drinks and snacks and to take lots of photos. A cousin of mine has lent us the use of his Rover (he is driving it as well) to take Caleb and his date to the school. We need to get there before them so we can see them arrive.

This is the fun part of the matric year but when it is over he needs to get ultra serious about school work.

Here are some photos!!!


Monday, 13 April 2015

KZN Coffee & Chocolate Expo

I love coffee! (Like you didn’t realise that!)

I also love chocolate (have I mentioned that before?)

So I am really, really excited that the Coffee & Chocolate Expo is going to be in Durban this year. Specifically from 1 – 3 May at the Suncoast Hotel.

Why should you go?

Watch the KZN Regional Barista Championships and find out who becomes the Barista Champion of KZN.

Go on a coffee journey from bean to cup at the Coffee Theatre.

Attend the Chocolate Workshop and watch the chefs cooking with chocolate.

The Cocoa Mokka Lounge is where you can sample a variety of chocolates with the fine flavours of wine, brandy, champagne and whiskey. You can also relax with your favourite cup of coffee, wine or craft chocolate beer and be entertained by some of KZN’s Indie bands, string quartets and up and coming artists.

Tickets are R60 per adult and R40 for children and pensioners.


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Melissa Delport "The Legend"

The Legacy Trilogy
I hope since writing about The Legacy and The Legion that some of you have gone out and bought the books – support local authors!! If you missed the post I wrote about Melissa Delport you can read it over here.

Congratulations to Melissa Delport on the launch of The Legend (final book in The Legacy series) and what a page turner it was. The bad guy was a complete surprise and I was so heartbroken at the end and then surprised all over again. I would have loved for it to have turned out differently for my favourite male character but then it wouldn’t have been the correct ending. I actually tweeted Melissa to complain (yes again) about my favourite male character and how disappointed I was.

I would love to see this book series as a movie as Rebecca is such a strong female character and the storyline would make riveting viewing.

Here is a brief outline for The Legend :

A new adversary has been revealed. His actions are the ultimate betrayal. He must be destroyed, whatever the cost. 

“It has been almost a month since Kwan and Reed rescued me from certain death at the hands of the self-proclaimed President of NUSA, the man who took the life of my unborn child and left me to die. 

What my tormentors did to me threatens to set me on a new path, one steeped in hatred and vengeance. I now walk a fine line between right and wrong, between good and evil, between love and hate. With my soul cleaved apart only the bonds forged in the crucible of war can bring me back. 

While I battle my inner demons, NUSA is growing more powerful than ever, and worse, they know our secrets. But NUSA has underestimated my friends, my family, my Legion. We will rise again, stronger than before. We will prepare for war, for the final battle that will decide our future. 

My name is Rebecca Davis. I am the leader of The Legion and I am prepared to fight to the death to secure freedom for my people.”

Go to your local Bargain Books or Exclusive Books and buy The Legacy, The Legion and The Legend or buy the ebooks from Kalahari. If you are an international reader go onto Amazon and buy The Legacy Trilogy.

I am really looking forward to reading more of what Melissa Delport writes and I am really glad she followed me on Twitter otherwise I would have missed out on an excellent local author. Next up for me to read is "Rainfall".

Melissa Delport