Thursday, 5 March 2015

Roxy Learn to Surf

My daughter decided before her 13th birthday last year that she would like to learn to surf. So for her birthday we bought her a surfboard, a 2nd hand one that we got from a friend of our son.  Neil and I knew nothing about surfboards and we only discovered later that you start with a big board and then get a smaller one. So the board we bought for the daughter is actually too small for her. Oh well!


A few weeks before the end of school I saw on the Roxy Learn 2 Surf Facebook page that there were going to be a few camps in Durban. We asked Laura whether she was keen to attend (she was) and she said she would ask friends to do it with her. Hubby had a genius idea and suggested to our son that he go as well, and just see what he thought of surfing.

I got in contact with Alan of Roxy Learn 2 Surf in Durban and booked and paid for the kids. It was a 3 day camp from 16 – 18 December. They supply a surfboard, rash vest or wetsuit and lunch for only R550 for all 3 days. It starts at 9am and the kids get collected at 3pm.


So on the 16th December we took the kids down to Addington/UShaka beach for their first day of surfing. We introduced ourselves to Alan and signed the kids in. You can give your kids money if they wish to get extra food or an ice cream etc or you could pack extra snacks for them. We gave the kids some money – which they spent at Afro’s Chicken up the beach (found this out when we fetched them). As it was the first day they had to wait for all the kids to arrive and then assign surfboards to them and find them rash vests etc.

Neil and I decided that we would have breakfast at Surf Riders which is right next to the learn to surf area. We ordered cappys and our breakfast and watched the preparation happening at learn to surf. The cappys and breakfast were divine and I would really like to go back and eat there again. Also a great people watching place, as there are so many walking/running/cycling past the restaurant.

Everyone was sorted out and they lined up with their surfboards behind them to have photos and then made their way onto the beach. We watched them start their warm up and then we headed home.

Oh my! The excited chatter when we collected them. Laura saw dolphins and stood up on the board and caught her first wave. Caleb also managed to stand. They had pizza for lunch and also went to Afro’s for chicken and chips. There were cooldrinks available to drink when they were thirsty. The coaches were awesome, especially Alan. They were told to reapply sunscreen and the lunch break was 2 hours. Aaaannnddd surfing hooked Caleb. They couldn’t wait to get back to the beach.

The next day Neil took them down and fetched them as I was busy trying to get the house sorted before Christmas. It was the same excited chatter as before – we saw this, we did that and surfing is awesome! Caleb was determined to get a surfboard for himself.

The 3rd day they were not able to surf for long as blue bottles were blown onto the beach. Alan and the coaches kept them entertained and they went boating on the canals. Two very happy and tired kids came home that afternoon but they were also so sad that the surf camp was over.  I really, really recommend Roxy Learn 2 Surf as the kids were very well looked after and they had an incredible time. Even if your kids don’t take up surfing, attending the camp will be an amazing experience for them.


Roxy Learn 2 Surf is not only in Durban. Go to their Facebook page for information of where and when the next surf camps are.

Here are the contact details for Durban :

Alan Wallace
076 877 5143


  1. Oh wow, that looks like a ton of fun! Don't you just love it when you children take to an activity :)

    1. They had the most amazing time! A great activity with fresh air and exercise

  2. Sounds like your kids enjoyed their holiday! So, Nicola, when you are joining your daughter for a mom-daughter learn2surf session? Saying that it is great fun would be an understatement!

  3. LOL!! I'm sure she would jump at the chance to give me a lesson :)