Saturday, 28 March 2015

My Coffee Routine

Since I run on coffee I thought I had better write a blog post on what coffee I use and what equipment I make it in.

First up is the storage equipment and what coffee we enjoy :

We store our coffee in this gorgeous and practical container from Le Creuset in the colour Marseille (it fits a 500g bag). After trying many different ground coffees Hubby and I came to the conclusion that we liked the Woolworths ground coffee. We buy the Breakfast Blend and the Mocca Java Blend in the 500g packs as it is more value for money. I also usually get 10% off as I have a Woolworths card. We would like to eventually get a burr grinder so we can buy the coffee beans but in the mean time this is working out well and we get great tasting coffee.

The morning ritual :
Two cups of coffee made in our Bodum coffee plunger. Hubby usually makes this coffee. Two rounded scoops of coffee are placed into the glass of the Bodum and boiled water is poured over and up to the level for the two cups. The plunger is inserted but not pressed down. The coffee is left to brew for about four minutes and then the plunger is slowly pressed down. Pour into cups, add required sugar and milk and we also add a bit of cream. Serve and enjoy mmmmm. Sip slowly!!!

Then it is the usual get ready rush and the taking of the kids to school. I either come back home to do housework etc or I go down to the office to do the job costing.

My second cup of coffee I like to have around 9am or 9:30am. This time I make it in my new toy the AeroPress. Hubby had seen this in December in a newsletter from Yuppiechef and encouraged me to buy it as we had a one cup Bodum plunger that didn’t filter out the coffee grinds properly.  I am so glad I listened to him and bought it as it is a fabulous coffee maker. A filter paper is inserted into the bottom and a rounded scoop of coffee added. You have to wet the end of the rubber plunger. Boiled water is added up to level  4 (personal preference) and the coffee is stirred and then the plunger inserted and pushed down. Remove the AeroPress from the cup and clean it and then add the usual milk and sugar to your coffee, relax and enjoy.

I might have another AeroPress made coffee later in the day or if I am feeling very lazy I will make myself a Cappuccino or Cafe Mocha in my Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine. It is very easy to use : make sure the water holder has enough water in and switch the machine on so that it can warm up. If I am making a cappuccino I put a milk capsule in first and turn the dial to 5 and push the button. When that is done I replace the milk capsule with a coffee capsule and turn the dial to 1 and push the button. Add sugar, stir and drink a lovely cappuccino.

For coffee on the run I have three lovely travel mugs to choose from. The one with the pink top is from Nescafe Dolce Gusto, gold glitter with the pink heart is from Woolworths and “The wake up and smell the coffee” is from Typo.

So there you have it! The coffee and the coffee making equipment that help me run.

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