Thursday, 12 March 2015

Caltrate Ladies Time Out Event

Yesterday afternoon Inge Loker and I attended a wonderful and informative event at the Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga in the Durban July Room. The event was hosted by Caltrate and I was fortunate to win two tickets through their Facebook page Inspirational Women.
Celynn Erasmus

The speaker was Wellness Professional Celynn Erasmus who explained to us how important it is to be our own CEO - Chief Energy Officer.

Performance Chemistry - Managing energy

High performance pyramid

Challenges that we face :

Challenge 1 : Time poor and stress rich

We need to make changes that don't cause more stress in our lives eg diets cause us stress as we put so much worry into making the change.

Challenge 2 : We don't change easily

When there is too much information on a change we tend to just not do it.

Things we need to practise :

80/20 principle - 80% of the time eating well and 20% on fun food

Strategic refuelling - breakfast within 2 hours of waking and then eating regular meals throughout the day

Ideally having a snack every 2 hours eg fruit, handful of nuts

Eating less at night for supper (loved the example she used of fueling a car - you don't fuel a car at the end of a trip so why eat a huge meal before you go to sleep!!)

A snack for a woman should have 500 - 750kj of energy (read the label) it should also be as natural as possible with little or no sugar

Buy a range of snacks and keep them in your handbag and in your car

Balance portion sizes (calories) - eat off smaller bowls and plates

Eat like an artist (colour) 5 servings of fruit and/or vegetables a day (serving = ladies fist full)

Add your salad or vegetables to your plate first and then meat and/or starch

Hydration - 1 glass of water for every 10kgs of weight

Re-think your drinks - be very careful of drinks with calories

Good waist management - extra weight around the waist can lead to diabetes and heart problems

Do you know your health numbers? Glucose, Cholesterol, blood pressure (you need to know this yearly)

Sleep - you body needs 7 - 8 hours every day (you will struggle to lose weight if you are sleep deprived)

Do you get enough nutrients from what you eat? If not then you need to add supplements eg calcium, multivitamin, omega 3

Do you move around regularly? You need to get up from your desk and move around for at least 2 minutes every half an hour. Motion creates emotion

Looking after yourself! If you don't look after yourself, how can you look after others?

We ended off the informative talk by indulging in the most divine high tea spread. So yummy! If you have not attended the Oyster Box high tea!!! I suggest you rectify that immediately. The experience is incredible. Read about me taking my parents to the high tea here

Sweet selection
Beautiful table decor

Celynn giving her talk
VIC (very important cat) Skabenga

The fabulous lighthouse

Caltrate:Website Facebook

Celynn Erasmus : Website Facebook Twitter

The Oyster Box Hotel : Website Facebook Twitter

Thank you Caltrate, Celynn and the Oyster Box Hotel for an amazing afternoon.


  1. Oooh lucky you to go to the Oyster Box!! Thanks for the tips

  2. So important as wives and mothers to look after ourselves

  3. Sounds like a very informative and yummy afternoon.