Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Local Author Melissa Delport

I love Twitter! A whole lot of my friends love it too! That is because we would never have met if it wasn’t for this social media platform. There are many other people that I have never met face to face but I chat to and have a glimpse into their lives through Twitter.

A few weeks ago I was followed by a lady called Melissa Delport, I glanced at her bio and followed her back. She thanked me for the follow back and said that she had followed me as she saw I stayed in Kloof and she stays in Gillitts. Practically down the road!

I saw in her bio that she was an author so I did an internet search to see who she is and what she had written. This is what I discovered :

·         Wife and mother of three (must be an excellent juggler!)

·         Has written five books : Rainfall, The Traveler and The Legacy, The Legion, The Legend
          (The Legacy Trilogy)

·         Her latest book, The Legend, has its official launch on Thursday 19 February 2015.
            (I am attending! *does happy dance*)

·         An avid reader

·         Decided to write down a storyline that would not leave her alone

I just HAD to read her books. A friend lent me her copy of The Legacy and I finished it in a couple of hours. I am a fast reader and I will not put down a book that I am enjoying until I have read the last page. Wow! Melissa had hooked me with her great characters and storyline.

Here is a brief outline of The Legacy : “World War Three lasted twelve days. Twelve days was all it took for mankind to devastate the planet and almost eradicate the human race. No victor emerged from the ashes and billions lost their lives. 

We survivors lived through the bleakest of winters. A primal existence became the new order, and the little that remained of our humanity hung in the balance.  

Then one man stood up and changed the world. I believed, as did everyone else, that he was the hero of our time, the man who had saved us from our own demise. His name is Eric Dane and he is the President of the New United States of America.   

He is also my husband, and my greatest enemy. 

I grew up oblivious to the truth, until my father found me when I was nineteen years old. He told me about the many horrifying facts that our new leader kept hidden from us. And he told me that beyond the borders the Resistance grew and fought for freedom from the oppression that Eric Dane had imposed on us. 

My name is Rebecca Davis. I am twenty-six years old, and in me the Resistance has found the ultimate weapon.” 

Now that I had read The Legacy I had to get my hands on the second book of the series, The Legion. I purchased the ebook from Kalahari and it was easy to download. I actually downloaded it this past Monday (16th) and I finished reading it later that day. As with the first book, The Legion sucked me into the story from the first page and took me on a rollercoaster ride till the end – which was very dramatic! I actually tweeted Melissa to complain to her about leaving me in suspense!

Here is a brief outline of The Legion : “It has been four months since I murdered my husband, Eric Dane. Four months since the battle that was supposed to change our world.  

The year is 2044, and although we may have won the battle, the war is far from over. We believed that our mission was accomplished, that freedom was finally within our grasp. We were wrong.  

We now face a new danger, one without a face, without a name. An unknown enemy who is far more dangerous than Eric Dane ever was. Who is this adversary lurking in the shadows and pulling all the strings? 

My father is missing and Aidan is gone. I have to dig deep to find the strength to go on, but with the support of Reed, strong, fearless, and my equal in every respect, I feel that nothing is impossible. We are exploring new frontiers and finding allies in the most unlikely group of heroes. 

With a NUSA convoy let loose in the Rebeldom to hunt me down, I must prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the people I love and have sworn to protect. 

My name is Rebecca Davis. I am a super-soldier, a mother, a daughter, and a friend. And I am the leader of The Legion. More importantly, I am a woman who will not stop until this war is finally, truly over.”

Go to your local Bargain Books or Exclusive Books and buy The Legacy Trilogy or buy the ebooks from Kalahari.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the third book of the series, The Legend, as I have to find out what happens next and how things turn out. They better turn out good Melissa!

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  1. Ooh I think I must have a look out for her work

  2. You must! The books are brilliant!

  3. Sounds like a gripping read - I really want to read Melissa's books now!