Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Learner's License Fun #Not

My son turned 17 last year at the end of October, so we started planning the booking and writing of the learners test.  A friend of his had done the test so we knew that we needed his ID book, a copy of his ID and money. We also got two passport size photos done.

There was too much happening at school (exams) and then all the final assemblies that I had to attend for my daughter, that we didn’t get to go and book. So the week before Christmas Hubby took Caleb up to the Camperdown testing centre to book for his learners.

To book for his learners he needed : ID, copy of ID and the learners test cost was R150. He was given and eye test of course he had to fill out forms. Once that was all done he was given a print out of the date and the time to be at the testing centre for his test, which was 5 January at 7am.

Sadly, on the morning of his test our lovely Tyson was found to have past away.  Hubby and I had to put on happy and positive faces as we didn’t want to affect Caleb’s writing of the test.

Hubby drove him up to the testing centre to do his test. The test is not actually written but done on computer, so the results are immediate. Caleb was the first to be finished and he had passed! *throws confetti* He then went to Neil to show him the paperwork and Neil sent him back just to check what must be done next. Caleb was told he had passed, that was all. So they left and came back home and we were glad for Caleb passing and sad that Tyson was no longer with us.

Then during the holidays Caleb went to his friend’s house and while there he discovered that he was missing a vital piece of paper with his picture on – the actual learner’s license! *SCREAM* So the day before schools opened I asked Neil to please, please take him and get it sorted out as when school got going there would  be no time.

They took all the paperwork and Caleb’s ID pictures and went to give it in at one window to a woman. She told then no and to give to a man two windows down. They go to that man and he says no and they must take it back to the woman!! *hubby getting tense* She then takes the paperwork and says to hubby – 60! So he looks at her and says “What?” R60! He only has R50 in his wallet so he asks for the paperwork back as he was irritable now and just wanted to leave. She refused to give the paperwork back and said she would keep it for them. Hubby wasn’t going to leave it until the next time as he knew that it would go missing. So off they went to find and ATM to draw money to get this learners license. They fortunately managed to find an ATM fairly quickly and went back and completed the paperwork and received the all important license (with Caleb’s picture on it).

The reason that I am writing this blog post is so that you need not go through all the hassles that we had to – hopefully! Let me go through all the requirements again. When booking for the test make sure you have the ID, a copy of the ID (does not need to be certified) and money (we paid R150 but take more just in case). When doing the test you must have 2 x ID photos and the money for getting the license (we paid R60 but take more in case).

There are NO notices up in the testing centre they went to or information on the internet (that I could find) that tells you what the procedure is for booking a learner’s license test. Neil saw people turned away from booking a test because they didn’t have a copy of the ID.

So now we have the important learner’s license, a learners sign for the back of the car and now the fun begins with teaching Caleb to drive. We have quite a few months as he will turn 18 at the end of October. I think he would only get to go do his driver’s license after the school year ends as he will be doing his matric exams.

Expect a blog post on booking and doing a driver’s license!!


  1. Red tape and govt departments are such a headache. Glad you got it sorted out and shared your tips with others.

    1. Shew! Very glad it is done and I am going to try to tell all the Mom's I know to save them time