Wednesday, 21 January 2015

And GO.....

Here I am sitting in the office with a large amount of invoices to job cost. I have just dropped both of the kids at high school..... HIGH SCHOOL! My first born begins his first day as a matric (thinks he is big stuff) and my baby girl begins grade 8.

Caleb will be starting his matric work today and Laura will do 3 days of orientation so she can get used to the school. But next week she will have to take all her stationery and pack the locker assigned to her (must get her a padlock). She will also have to get used to going to different classes all over the school and taking the required books with her.

Last night, Laura and I went to the new pupils evening at the school so she could find out her registration class and teacher and what to do this morning. We also found out that there is hockey practise today so when we got home we had to frantically get her kit together.

Going to have to get back into a routine of fetching kids from school and sport and cleaning the house again.

Welcome to 2015!


  1. Thanks for the visit - hope your 2015 is great

  2. Thanks for visiting again and have a blessed 2015

  3. There is something quite comforting about getting back into the groove of our routine. Wishing your kids a great year in high school.

    1. It is comforting to be back in routine. I'm so glad my daughter has her brother for support at high school

  4. Wishing your kids all the best for the school year!