Friday, 12 December 2014

Two Weeks of Craziness

Oh my! The last two weeks have been CRAZY!!

I had to take my son back and forth for his last exams, then he stayed home for 4 days while other subject exams were written that he doesn't take. In between that I had to attend numerous assemblies at my daughters school. She has now finished up with Grade 7 and next year is high school and my son goes to Matric.

There was also frantic baking last Sunday so the daughter could give some biscuits to the Grade 7 teachers. I also had to package up the gift for my daughters teacher with a great moustache jar and tag from Peg & Pencil.

Three of the assemblies I attended were award assemblies and Laura was recognised for her sporting achievements in two of them. She received certificates for 1st team softball, 1st team hockey and for cross country. The final assembly was on Wednesday, the snot en trane assembly. This is the assembly where each teacher addresses their class and wishes them well for their new school. Each Grade 7 is given a candle which they light from the school candle and then they make their way out of the school hall. Finally the head leaders blow out the school candle before they exit. There were lots of crying teachers, parents and sobbing kids.

So that is the end of my daughters primary school chapter and the chapter for high school begins.

The chapter for high school started yesterday already as I took her to get her new uniform. We went early to the school uniform shop as I was determined to get it done. After trying on the uniform we left with 4 blouses, 4 skirts, 2 PE shirts, PE shorts and a swimming costume. I had a blazer and jersey for her already. That is not the end of the uniform buying SOB SOB SOB. She will still need shoes and socks and once she has decided on sports, she will need the clothes for that. SOB

Did I mention SOB??!!

I know there is going to be more craziness from now until Christmas. My list is not done and I have yet to decide on what salads / vegies and pudding I will be serving. The house is in chaos and I haven't even decorated. Oh well! My kids are old enough to help and they WILL.

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