Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Life is too Short for Boring Stationery : Part 2

It is Part 2 of my stationery series and I have found more amazing online stores that you can drool over and buy from.  I have featured 1 store based in Johannesburg and 2 in Cape Town.


Scribbles & Bows

Scribbles & Bows launched in the heart of Jozi in July 2014. Frustrated with the limited options and ridiculous prices of stationery available, two friends decided to hand craft their own pretty stationery. Imka heads up the social media and accounts/numbers side of things and Marita heads up the creative part. They play, they glitter, they craft. Their pegs and tags have been used by their awesome clients nationwide. They love creating beautiful things for everyone, but their favourite creation was an order of 550 Mini Golden Glitter pegs for Mr Price. Scribbles & Bows started as a fun hobby and expanded into a very fun business. Their biggest sellers are their washi pegs, glitter pegs, glitter tags as well as beautiful chalkboard coasters.

A great range of Christmas goodies will slowly launch on the 10th of November, so stay tuned for that. They have fun Christmas specials and maybe a competition or two coming up on their Facebook page too.

They are currently working on a Valentine’s Day range that will make even Cupid jealous, and some fun statement stationery pieces that will launch during Jan. They are also working on launching a website soon.

You can place orders via Facebook and email (scribblesandbows@gmail.com) or visit their Hello Pretty store.

Favourites :
Notebooks R40

Chalkboard Coasters R60


Schwarzie TM

Schwarzie was established in September 2012 by Astrid and Karen Schwarz, design-driven sisters and best of friends. Together with an incredibly supportive family, they are building Schwarzie™, a multi faceted creative brand that likes to define itself as "throwing happiness around from Cape Town to the world".

"We are being ourselves, designing because we must, because we want to, because we can't go a day without pursuing our passion" - Astrid

Our Confetti:

"We want to throw happiness around like Confetti / #SchConfetti " is an element that just recently started to form a huge part in what we're wanting to convey to our audience. From the start of our brand we have wanted to, firstly, make the audience smile at the often over use of colour, or the whimsical side we like to put through in much of our stationery lines.”

This has now grown into something so exciting for us: we're sending all our stationery Orders, or any order for that matter, out with confetti "bombs". We also, rather love, sending greeting cards "on a whim" to the people we're connecting with through social media.

We enjoy the "old fashioned" element of writing still, and want to communicate that to fans, while sending them a surprise pop of colour. It's who we are and if it's making people smile, and surprised, we get giddy with excitement at their reaction. That feeds our levels of inspiration, so really our fans are doing all the work by keeping us entertained *winks

In a nutshell: life is serious, it's not always a party, but we want to remind ourselves daily, as well as our audience, there are silver linings, and we must not forget to acknowledge those happy moments. They are what help us through the real-life challenges.

New paper goodness:

Our latest, and goodness gracious, most exciting release of new stationery has been our 2015 diary line up. Released in October this year, we've brought our annual release of diaries to help you get organized. Each diary is designed from start to finish by Schwarzie™ and printed by our fantastic printers in Cape Town: Hansa Print

Read more about these talented sisters on Design Indaba here.

Favourites :
Rosy Days R230

Delicious Disches R189 (the spelling is correct)


Paper & Pieces

Paper & Pieces is Mari’s happy place. A realisation of a dream of doing something outside the corporate world, something beautiful but also practical. A shared dream with a creative colleague Liz and friend Melanie. They were the people who helped Mari put the realness into her dream and build her happy space.  Browse through their collection of unique designs and find the merino sheep on the bespoke range of cushion covers, cards, gift wrap and gift tags.

Favourites :
Funky Merino Sheep wrapping paper R35

Gift Sets - With Love R85


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