Sunday, 16 November 2014

Family News Update

I haven't mentioned anything about our family in quite awhile, so here is just a short check-in post.

Both the kids are busy with their year end exams - the daughter is in Grade 7 and she does her exams during school and finishes a normal school day. She has another week of exams to go. In the last two weeks of school I will have to fetch her early as the teachers will be rounding up the school year and doing reports. No idea why they can't close early - oh well!

The son is in Grade 11 and he has done two exams so far and has another three weeks to go. It is a case of drop him at school, have a cup of coffee, possibly start something, get back in the car and go and fetch him! As you guessed he only stays at school for an exam and he only goes to school if he has an exam.

The pets are all well (Sparkle the cat is snuggled with me right now). The dogs (Tyson and Bolt) I hear barking at our troop of monkeys. The daughter had to quickly go close the kitchen door just now when I heard the Trellidoor rattling. Yes a naughty fuzzy monkey was seeing what he could have.

I am busy making stationery lists for next year and I have to buy new uniforms for the daughter as she goes to high school #groan! The groan is for the costs involved obviously! :)

Enjoy the time you spend with your very young kids as time flies by very very very very very very fast!!!!

Hubby is working hard and has quite a few job sites to complete before the end of the year. He is also trying to finish tiling a bathroom (insert extremely proud of him over here).

Well that is my family check-in and I need to go do the ironing and do some sewing of teachers gifts.

Bye for now.


  1. I can't even imagine my kids going to high school! We're only just getting them all into nursery school next year and that's already making me groan at all the expenses.

    1. Lots of groaning ahead for you! I truly mean time flies so enjoy them!!