Thursday, 30 October 2014

Fun Time at the Good Food & Wine Show

On Friday 24th October I fetched Inge from her place and we drove down to the Durban Exhibition Centre. We arrived before the gates opened and were there to see the official opening of the show by Christine Cashmore (she started the show), and Logie Naidoo (Durban councillor) who cut the red ribbon. Then the rush began! We got our passes and made our way inside. Our first official item on the agenda was to see Andrew Draper (Harvey’s) in action at the Miele Your Master Kitchen, but that was only happening at 12:15pm. We were originally supposed to have Bloggers Cooking with Miele at 10:30am but that fell through (which I was thrilled about!) Not because I didn’t know it would be fun, but because I wanted to see Chef Shaun Dampies from Granny Mouse Country House & Spa in action making a dessert.
Councillor Logie Naidoo and Christine Cashmore

We had time to get coffee (of course) before making our way to Sweet Treats. We found a fabulous stand called Brown Sugar Coffee Traders with its walls covered in coffee sayings and art. I report that the cappy was divine! Brown Sugar are situated at 507c Lillian Ngoyi Road (Windermere), Morningside, Durban and I look forward to visiting their coffee shop.  This is their new address which they will be in on Monday 3 November.
Make yummy cappys!

We (Inge, Faeema and I) took our cappys with us to the Sweet Treats theatre and introduced ourselves to Chef Shaun Dampies.  Hey Good Food & Wine Show! You really cannot place a chef like Shaun Dampies in the kiddies area!! There was a long counter like table at the back with chairs where we sat at, but it was too far to see clearly what he was going to make. So us adult ladies went to sit at a kids table on the kids chairs LOL.  We were also joined by Shirley of Cuizine Durban. We watched as he made an Orange Marmalade Infused Sago Pudding. I have not had sago since I was a child and I have never thought to make it myself.  He artfully presented it on a tile by first placing the cooked sago, sprinkling over Oreo crumbs, then pieces of Italian meringue, then chocolate mousse, scattered over micro herbs, then strawberries that had been macerated with caster sugar and balsamic vinegar. To finish it off he put a few dollops of Ideal Milk and coffee ice cream on top. Then after the obligatory pics we grabbed our forks to taste. Oh my! It was so divine and the marmalade came through beautifully in the sago. YUM! I must get the ice cream recipe *makes note*

Me and Chef Shaun Dampies

Orange Marmalade Infused Sago Pudding

Chef Shaun showing Inge how to "quenelle"

Then it was pack up cameras, notebooks etc and make our way to the Miele Your Master Kitchen to see the funny and entertaining Andrew Draper in action.  He made a very fascinating cucumber cream, which he served with cucumber ribbons and salmon. He also made a honey a balsamic vinegar glazed chicken which he served with roast sweet potatoes, spring onions, tomatoes, grated ginger, bok choi and coriander.  The veggies were roughly mixed together and placed on the plate first with thick slices of the chicken on top. We weren’t allowed to try L So wanted to taste the chicken as it smelled divine.
*sob* wanted to taste this!

Repeat packing up etc and quickly move onto the next theatre – Celebrity Chef’s Theatre to see Hayden Quinn. I think we stayed about 15 minutes as we were SO hungry. So we snuck out!

We went to the Shongweni Market stalls and Inge, Shirley and I chose to have the pizza slices from Maddison Bakery. So, so yummy! I first had the Carnivore with bacon, chicken and sausage on, and then for my second slice I chose the vegetarian. After lunch we walked around the exhibition, had Wakaberry and tried the new Appletiser (pink is my favourite).
Divine pizza slices

Shew! Time for the next demonstration. Inge and I went back to the Miele Your Master Kitchen to watch Chef Jacqui Brown from Ginja Magazine. Chef Jacqui showed us how to make a seared tuna in a lime reduction served with glass noodles. The glass noodles were cooked with boiling water – cooks in 10 minutes. Tuna should be seared in a super hot pan and you should use normal vegetable oil as olive oil will impart its flavour to the tuna. Cook the tuna for 30 seconds each side and it should still be pink in the middle. The glass noodles were drained and mixed with mint, ginger, chilli and lime juice and a few other ingredients that I didn’t write down. The noodles were placed on the plate first and thickly cut slices of tuna were placed on top. Chef Jacqui also made a pineapple pudding served with her homemade vanilla ice cream. She made caramel sauce from cream, brown sugar and butter and browned cored pineapple slices in a dry pan. The pineapple was removed from the pan and chopped up and then placed back in the pan. A bit of rum was added and the alcohol was cooked off and then the caramel sauce was added.  The pineapple mixture was plated in a small glass bowl and a dollop of vanilla ice cream was placed next to it. We got to taste!! The tuna was fabulous – me eating fish that was basically raw in the middle! Oh and the pineapple pudding mmmmm.  Lots of lip smacking.

Inge, Chef Jacqui Brown and I (pic from Ginja)

The beautiful Ginja stand

Repeat the packing up – you get the idea! Back to the Sweet Treats theatre to see Chef Shaun Dampies again for his second dessert. We went straight for our kids table and chairs that we sat on in the first demo. This time he was going to show us Deconstructed Tiramisu. I haven’t always been a tiramisu fan as a lot of times there is just too much alcohol. But looking at his ingredients I knew we were going to be in for a treat. Boudoir biscuits, black cherry jam, cream cheese, caramel treat, fresh basil, Oreo crumb, fresh mint, Italian meringue and choc liquor. Firstly he took out his trusty tile to use as a plate. Two heaped tablespoons of caramel treat were mixed with two heaped tablespoons of cream cheese. The cream cheese helps to take away the overwhelming sweetness of the caramel treat. This mixture then needs to be placed into the fridge to firm up a bit. Scoops (“cornel” – shape made by using two spoons) about three of the caramel mixture onto the plate. Sprinkle over the Oreo crumb and break boudoir biscuits in half and place on plate. Put dollops of the black cherry jam to the side and then scatter over the meringue. Drizzle the choc liquor over the biscuits and place a few mint and basil leaves on. Take pics and test! Yum yum yum yum yum. Inge and I made a good dent in testing the dessert J

Deconstructed Tiramisu

By this time it was well after 4pm! We chatted to Chef Jacqui Brown at the Ginja magazine stand and looked a bit more at the stands in the exhibition and then it was time to leave.

Okay so you think I am done now nnooooo .......

I went back to the show with my daughter on the Sunday! J

Firstly it was pouring with rain and I had to drive very carefully into Durban and then we had to have an umbrella to get inside. Essential to keep dry but what a pain to carry around the show.

Laura and I went to see Mauro Castano (from Cake Boss) in the Celebrity Chef’s Theatre as our first port of call. Mauro decorated a cake as a rugby field using fondant icing. It was quite funny as he had to ask the audience for help since he knows nothing about rugby. To stick fondant to fondant you use a bit of water as “glue”. He also showed us how to pipe a rose with butter cream icing and had 3 people from the audience come and try to do it. It was not easy to do. I tweeted throughout the demonstration and at the end I was announced as the winner of the Sugar Association prize LOL. It was a great kit bag with a water bottle and towel. Hurray! A bag to put the umbrella in, so problem solved J
Mauro Castano

We then went to the Appletiser stand so that Laura could try the new flavours and took a walk up to the Shongweni Farmers Market stands to see the pizza slices. We were both feeling hungry but wanted to watch Hayden Quinn in the Chef’s Theatre first. So back to the theatre we went.

Hayden showed us a delicious slow roast tomato tart and I am very glad that the recipe is in the show brochure so that I will be able to make it. He placed white anchovy fillets on top of the tomatoes which I won’t do. I will either leave off or replace with crisp bacon. Yummy! The next dish was for a casual lunch and he made pork belly and hake which was served with a beautiful green salad. The smell of the pork belly and the hake was amazing. Ultra starving by this time.
Hayden Quinn (you all know that already!)

Pizza time! I had the carnivore again and Laura had the smoked chicken. Really, really delicious. We had to go back so Laura could have another slice and this time she had the carnivore. After lunch I went to get a cappy from Brown Sugar Coffee traders and Laura went to get another Appletiser.

We spent the rest of our time at the show looking at the stalls and I bought 5 macaroons from Daniela’s Deliciously Decadent (based in Hillcrest) and a choc donut for Laura from Wicked Donuts.

Oh yes! I finally took out a subscription to Ginja magazine. If you took out a subscription at the show you had a chance to win fab prizes such as beautiful cookery books or a paella pan. Laura spun the wheel for me and I got to choose a book. I decided on Sarah Graham’s “Smitten” and I look forward to making dishes from this wonderful book.

Okay i’m done now!

Thank you Good Food & Wine Show for the wonderful culinary adventure.




  1. Ooh looks wonderful! I'm very bleak that this year we don't have a babysitter to go to WINEX this week in Jo'burg

    1. Sorry :( I am sure there will be lots of fabulous markets to attend

  2. Oh that looks like a wonderful outing with lots to see, do and eat!

    1. The Good Food & Wine Show is so worth it to attend