Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Are You Procrastinating? My Trip to the Gyni

Ladies, when last did you go and see your gynaecologist? I had last seen mine about three years ago!

I have always been good at going for my yearly pap smear and check up as it is so important. Every year the time would come and I would groan, make the appointment and then go to see my gyni. Unfortunately my gyni (he delivered my daughter) is also an obstetrician and is extremely busy tending to pregnant ladies and helping others with the birth of their kids. So, to get an appointment with him is very difficult. I was having to book months in advance and also drive from Kloof to Westville Hospital. As a result I became very slack and missed a year, then two and finally three. Last year I turned 40 and said to myself you need to see the gyni and go for a mammogram (I didn’t listen).

So finally at the beginning of September I made a list of all the things I had been putting off. I have gradually been going through that list and one of the items I achieved was to go see a gyni. A decision was made to look for a new gyni, closer to home and this time I wanted a woman. The internet does make life so much easier and you no longer need to phone around. All I did was Google the Hospital – click on their doctors list and saw that there were three gyni’s. Oh joy! A woman who is a gyni and not an obstetrician. I phoned immediately and it was so nice to be able to get an appointment for the next week.

So, last Thursday (11th) I drove to my appointment. Why is it that when you have to be somewhere at a certain time you get stuck behind a slow vehicle! Alright so slow vehicle, finding a parking fine but then couldn’t find the suite, more time wasted looking. Suite found and sit down with paperwork as I was a new patient. Sign my life away!

In I go to see the gyni who asks me all the questions eg normal births, smoke, drink etc. Then of course it is time for the fun part – NOT! Undress and get into the gown and lie on the bed. Before the examination began she took my blood pressure and found it to be rather high and said she would check it again at the end. Then I had my examination etc etc etc (won’t go into detail). Although the ultrasound was interesting – never had one of those with just a normal gyni check up. She took my BP again and it was still too high. Everything done so off the bed and get dressed and then meet with her again at her desk. She starts by telling me that I can’t stay on the pill with high blood pressure as it is too dangerous, and recommends that I have the Mirena inserted. I tell her that I don’t usually have high blood pressure and it is probably the stress of me making a change of gyni etc. But I do agree that it would be better to have the Mirena as I don’t know whether I could develop high blood pressure in the future.

So this Thursday I have another appointment with the gyni to have the Mirena inserted and I also need to get the paperwork to go for a mammogram. Oh yes! My pap smear was normal, which is a great relief when you haven’t been for so long. I have also been taking my blood pressure with a monitor we have at home and it has been normal. As my hubby said it was probably white coat syndrome that caused my BP to be high. Although, I am going to continue to monitor my blood pressure.

The whole point of this post is to ask you what you have been procrastinating about?? Have you put off your visit to the gyni or to another doctor? DON’T!! Your health is very important and you know how your mind builds worst case scenarios. Make the appointment and tick it off your list.


  1. I think that we tend to put our own needs on the back burner when we have kids, you would never let your child miss a doctors appointment, but probably would miss one yourself...nice little reminder :)

    1. Thanks for the comment - I hope you have ticked off your gyni visit :)