Monday, 18 August 2014

Hillcrest Primary School High Tea

On Saturday 9 August my Mom and I attended the high tea at Hillcrest Primary School.  The event was to raise funds for the Grade 7 Prom at the end of the year.  The Grade 7’s got together in groups and they had to hire a table, sell tickets and decide on a theme.  Laura asked me to please try and get prizes for the lucky draws so of course I agreed.  We were blessed to get quite a few companies to send us items.

I also spoke to Ginja Food Magazine to ask them if we could have some back copies of the magazine to hand out.  The lady that I spoke to said why don’t we go one better and get Chef Jacqui Brown to come and give a talk on the day. Yes!  Ginja also gave us 150 copies of their May issue.

Laura stayed over at one of the girl’s houses on the Friday night and went to the school at 7am on the Saturday morning to set up the table.  They had chosen the theme of Candy Land.  One of the girls organised food, one did table decor, one did tutus and the other girl did the crockery (well the Moms did).  Laura supplied sausage rolls and of course lots of prizes for the lucky draws.  All the parents, family and friends waited outside the hall for the 9am opening.  Wow! All the kids did the most amazing job decorating their tables.  There were themes such as Big Bang, Bows and
Balloons and even Zombies.

Candy Land table

We sat down and greeted the other Mother’s and Granny’s – our table consisted entirely of women.  The girls served us tea or coffee and then brought out the savoury eats which were sausage rolls and mini quiches.  The principal of the school welcomed us all and congratulated the kids on their fabulous tables.

Laura, Jenevieve, Kayla, Krissie and Rachel

Then the morning began.  We had a very talented young lady sing for us, a woman talk to us about stress relief and the talk from Chef Jacqui Brown about her incredible Ginja Food Magazine.  We were also treated to a “fashion” show from 7 “international” models!  The entire hall was screaming with laughter at the incredibly brave boys in dresses, skirts, make-up and sky high heels.  In between the entertainment the lucky draws were happening and of course lots of talking and laughing.  

Chef Jacqui Brown

"International" model

Love the sweetie tree

Before everyone had entered the hall, the tables had been judged by some of the teachers.  Prizes were handed out to the best table, best outfits etc.  Candy Land won the prize for The Spirit of Spring table.  The girls went up and were given a certificate and slab of chocolate each.

The girls also served us mini milk tarts and cupcakes and kept our tea and coffee cups topped up.  They even gave us chocolate dipped strawberries.  It was lovely to sit and relax and chat with the ladies at our table.  What a wonderful morning and the Grade 7’s raised a lot of money to make their end of the year Prom special.

Our thank you for attending cupcake


P.S. I must thank Michelle (Ordinary Misfit) for helping me finalise the request letter and for also asking companies for sponsorship.  Big kisses!!

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