Monday, 25 August 2014

Happy First Blog Birthday

Today is my blog’s first birthday!!

It has been a wonderfully fun, beautiful and blessed year of blogging.  I have met the most amazing group of ladies and I am so pleased that we all have a very loud and talkative time when we meet up.  We have all become great friends and a fabulous support to each other.

I started this blog as I needed an outlet to tell my story and to inform people about my wonderful part of the world.  I am pleased to say that I am still enjoying blogging and I try not to put pressure on myself to do a blog post. 

As this is a special occasion I will be running a small giveaway to celebrate this milestone.  I have been rather busy lately and my sister is visiting from Jhb this week, so I have not finished putting together the items for the giveaway.  So do keep a look out for it!

One year down and hopefully many more years to come.

Bye for now J

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