Thursday, 28 August 2014

Fry's Gourmet Veggie Feast

Yesterday I attended the Fry’s Gourmet Veggie Feast at Harvey’s Restaurant in Umhlanga. (Thanks again to Inge @inge_loker for the lift)  We arrived just after 11:30am (event started at 12pm), parked in the parking lot and walked up a red carpeted ramp to collect our name tags.  Inge and I were trying to act normal as we entered the restaurant as a video camera was aimed at us!  We found seats by our other blogger friends – Shirley @cuizinedurban, Hazel @beautyshoutbox and Faeema @fayinthemaze.  A waiter came around to offer us a cocktail (non-alcoholic for me) which we gladly accepted as it was an extremely hot day.

Cooking setup

Tim with Chef Nizam and Andrew Draper

"Chicken" sesame strips - I had 2 of these
I got out my notebook, pen, camera and the all important cellphone.  While we waited for the event to start, snacks of Fry’s food were brought around for us to try – Lamb style bunny chow and chicken style strips in sesame seeds served with an avocado relish.  We were welcomed by Tim from Fry’s who explained to us that we would see two great chef’s (Andrew Draper from Harvey’s and Chef Nizam from Mauritius) in action preparing meals with Fry’s products.  First up though was Wally Fry himself to tell us all how Fry’s came about.

Wally Fry
Here are a few things I wrote down :

·         Fry’s is sold in 23 countries

·         He was a confirmed meat eater and livestock trader that married a vegetarian

·         Believes that human beings are kind but are no longer being kind to animals

·         He found it very hard to give up meat so he had to find a meat replacement

·         About 60% of crops on earth are grown for cattle feed

·         Fry’s does not replace fruit or vegetables, still important to eat them

·         Even if you do not become a vegetarian you can still help the environment by leaving out meat every once in a while (become a flexi-tarian or better-tarian)

After the talk by Wally Fry it was time for the two chef’s to show us what could be made with Fry’s products.  They took turns in cooking and it was incredible what they made.  Andrew Draper  (Harvey’s) made a Chicken like Moroccan burger, pasta dish with Fry’s spicy sausages and a Thai curry with Fry’s “prawns”.  Chef Nizam (Mauritius) made a salad with Fry’s polony and a schnitzel lollypop, soup with a Fry’s spicy sausage on a skewer which he called his cappuccino (served with foamed milk on top) and a “beef” wellington.

Andrew Draper in action

I can confirm that the food was divine!!  You would not be able to tell that you were not eating meat.  The only dish that I didn’t get to try was Andrew Draper’s pasta and his Thai curry was my favourite – the flavours!

Moroccan burger

Salad with schnitzel lollypop

No idea but it was yummy

The two chef’s made us all think outside the box - Don’t just open the box of Fry’s and cook it as is. So much more can be done with the products and new and interesting meals can be made.  We had a brief question time and then Tim thanked us for attending and said we were welcome to stay and try the rest of the dishes and to have another cocktail.  We did!

Thanks again to Fry’s for the invitation and to the two chef’s who showed that you can have an interesting and delicious vegetarian meal.

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