Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Weekend Weariness Part 2

Okay, so yesterday you read about my weekend weariness of Friday night at Market at the Square and Saturday afternoon at Taste of Durban.  Today I am going to tell you about our trip into the Midlands to take my Mom-in-law out to lunch for her birthday.

My Mom-in-law turned 77 on the 23rd July but as she stays in Howick we could only take her out on the weekend.  I asked Andrea Barras who stays in Howick for help in suggesting possible restaurants to go to.  Neil wanted a restaurant where we could sit outside.  Andrea gave me various suggestions and one of those suggestions was for Sapore in Nottingham Road.  I did some research and then connected with them on Twitter and even booked our day and time via DM.  Sapore are part of the Midlands Meander so it was easy to find them by consulting the latest map.  I was thrilled to also discover a 10% discount coupon in the Midlands Meander map for Sapore.  In case you were wondering, which I had been, Sapore is “Flavour” in Italian and is pronounced Sa-Paw-Ray.

We left home after 9am to head to Howick.  Neil wanted to be at his Mom’s place by 10am so that he could do some odd jobs for her.  Well, we left later than we wanted to and only reached Mom’s place at about 10:20am.  Everything worked out okay though.  Neil and Caleb tackled Mom’s list while Laura, Mom and I sat outside in the warm sun and drank tea.  The guys actually finished very quickly and Mom was very impressed with Caleb’s helpfulness and skills.

We left for the restaurant at about 11:20am as we needed to find the place.  Drove on the freeway and took the Nottingham Road off-ramp.  Why is it that when you go to a place it takes ages to get there and feels far quicker on your way back??  Anyway, to continue.  We found Sapore which is situated at Shop 5 & 6 Meander Square in Nottingham Road.  Parked the car and walked up to the restaurant.  No one was sitting outside and no one was sitting inside??  Oh well, I spoke to a lovely lady and gave my name and she showed us the table reserved for us outside.  Our reservation was for 12pm and that is the time we arrived.

Great table with concrete benches and lovely comfy cushions

Our table was partly shaded and it was still a cool winters day so we had our jackets on.  We were given the menus and we ordered drinks.  Now the hard part! What to eat??  They have an extensive menu with so many yummy options.  It all depends in what mood you are – pizzas (wood fired), pastas, steak, chicken.

Neil, Laura and I were the only ones to have starters.  I chose the crumbed brie with cranberry sauce and Neil and Laura had calamari.  My brie was very good but I wish I had chosen the calamari as well – fabulous!!!  Neil said it was the best calamari he has had in a very, very long time.  The dipping sauce was also not the usual tartar but something very tasty.  I asked via Twitter and was told it is their special tartar sauce.  Secrets!!  Mom had decided to just have a main and a pudding and she chose the BBQ chicken pizza, which Laura also ordered.  I had a slice of her pizza and it was amazing, chunky chicken and mushroom pieces and that wonderful wood fired taste.
Laura enjoying her calamari starter

My crumbed brie with cranberry sauce

Neil and I went the pasta route with Neil choosing the chicken and olive and I went with the carbonara .  It arrived in very large bowls with lots of pasta.  Neil managed to finish his but I only got about 3/4 ‘s of the way through.  So yummy!!  Caleb had chips and we all stole some of them.  Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside which Caleb gave a thumbs up to.

Carbonara pasta with tagliatelle

The dessert’s were not on the menu so we asked our waitress to please give us the dessert menu.  She arrived and placed a very cold plate with dessert items on the table.  At first I was rather confused and then I realized that this was the dessert that we could choose from - Italian kisses, chocolate mousse cake, cheesecake and a brownie pie.  I was quite disappointed as I love a large dessert menu, but I must say that these desserts were a perfect fit.  I had the chocolate mousse cake and it was light and delicious and just right.  Mom had the type of brownie pie and it was so sweetly presented to her with a candle and a sparkler to celebrate her birthday.  She was so surprised and happy.  So I conclude in saying – Thank you Sapore for a delicious meal that was enjoyed by all.  We had a very relaxing time with great food and company and what is better than that??
Happy Mom

The all important finish to a great meal

Neil settled the bill and we went for a walk before returning Mom back home to Howick.  Mom and I had seen while we were waiting for the food, a beautiful church next door, so that is where we all went to look.  The church is called St. John’s Gowrie and is a Presbyterian church.  There is a war memorial for the Great War 1915 – 1918 and lots of very old graves around the church.  We walked around and read the grave stones.  Shew!  We are so blessed to live in a modern age.  So many grave stones for young children and babies.  I did a bit of googling and discovered that this church was built in 1885 and is a national monument.  It is wood and iron and the buildings were ordered from a catalogue and shipped out in kit form from England.  Mom and I seem to think the church was featured on the TV programme Mooiloop as it looked very familiar.

War memorial

Then it was time to take Mom home and then to get ourselves back home as well.  Our two dogs needed to have their supper and I had to make sure the ironing was finished.  We had Sapore leftovers for supper.  Neil had a taste of my pasta and declared it very good.  So if you are in the Nottingham Road area of the Midlands, why not make a stop for lunch at Sapore – we highly recommend it. 

So concludes Weekend Weariness Part 2.

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