Sunday, 13 July 2014

Tyre Trip

So yesterday was finally the day that I put two new tyres on my car.  The front tyres had been looking a bit worn down for quite a while but I was scared to find out what new tyres would cost.  I eventually phoned around to practically all the tyre places on Thursday.  Oh My Word!!  With the cheapest being R990 (which we went for) up to a heart stopping R4000.  I also discovered that you must Google an import tyre brand to check if it would be suitable for your car, as Neil discovered that one import was a summer tyre and had almost no hold in the wet. 

The place with the cheapest tyres was Bluff Tyres in Jacobs which is not close to us, but we travelled there to save money on the tyres.  The cheapest tyre in our area was R1400 each.  I phoned again yesterday morning just to confirm the price and to ask whether they had the tyre in stock.  The salesman did confirm and said that they had 14 in stock and that I was welcome to come down.

So I drove there and Neil navigated as I would definitely not reached there by myself.  We found parking and went to the reception and the man behind the counter tells us they don’t have the Nanking tyre.  What!!  The R990 tyre is some utility tyre.  Now we don’t know what to do as we don’t want to just put any tyre on the car.  Another of the Bluff Tyre employees comes over and he asks what the problem is so we ask about the Nanking tyre and he says that the utility tyre is made by Nanking.  Shew!! 

There is no more get tyres fitted etc and then pay.  Oh No!  You pay before they do any work on your car.  Neil did the paying and then the car was brought into a bay.  We went and sat in the waiting area.  I think we were there for more than an hour before my keys were brought to me. 

While we were waiting Neil asked whether I would like to stop for coffee at that factory place.  Huh?  The one in Gale Street.  Oh yes!  The Factory Cafe!  I have wanted to go there for ages as have heard about how fabulous their coffee is.  So after leaving Bluff Tyres Neil directed me into Durban.  On the way there his sister phoned to chat to him so then I had to find my way by Neil just pointing.  Still chatting he points over to the side of the road for me to park.  Okay, so I see business buildings and no sign for Factory Cafe.  We get out the car and greet the car guard and walk over to a lovely old building with still no clue where we need to go.  Ah ha!  The delicious smell of coffee beckons us so we climb the stairs and we find the cafe.

Half of the floor is the cafe and the other half houses interesting looking machinery.  We are greeted by the guys behind the counter and shown the menu.  Neil says lets have the grande cappuccino so that I can get over the shock of new tyres.  I was also feeling a bit peckish so decided to have a carrot muffin as well.  We chose a table by the window and soon our delicious smelling cappys were delivered.  They tasted as good as they smelled with a smooth creamy foam on top.  It was lovely to just sit and relax for a bit and enjoy a great cappy.  I would have loved to linger but we needed to stop at the shop and then get home to the kids. 

As the stop at The Factory Cafe wasn’t planned I just took a few photos with my cellphone.  I was supposed to take a picture of the building on the way back to the car but I forgot.  The Factory Cafe is definitely a word of mouth place for coffee as anyone who didn’t know about it would just drive by.  It is not your typical coffee shop but I would recommend it for its quirkiness and the fabulous coffee.

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