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A Review of ZONE Skincare

I am going to go completely out of my comfort zone (ha ha) on the blog today.  I have never reviewed a product before so this is a first for me.

In December I won ZONE Cosmetics from The World According to a Princess Blog.  I started to use the products on the 25 February after the skincare I was using at that time was finished. 

Firstly, let me tell you a bit about the company before I tell you how I feel about the products.  ZONE Cosmetics is a division of Dermasure (est. 1995) which was started by Smiley and Jane Van Zyl.  The ZONE cosmetic range was launched in 2004.

ZONE Skin Care Range - medical science for youthful skin

The product is a break through cosmeceutical, which has been designed to meet the requirements of sun damaged and prematurely ageing skin. The Zone Skin Care Range, started in 2004, contains scientifically researched concentrations of Co-Enzyme Q10 and network anti-oxidants at levels where it will make a difference, rather than follow cosmetic trends.
One of the primary causes of skin ageing is oxidative stress caused by continuous sun exposure, as well as free radicals Research has shown that the correct use of powerful anti-oxidants, and at the correct concentrations, helps to slow down this ageing process. Co-Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10) is currently classified as the next generation of anti-oxidants and is probably one of the most powerful anti-oxidants in use.
The body contains natural levels of Co-Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10) which starts to decline from age 20 and could reduce by as much as 25 % by age 40. In order to slow down the ageing process and maintain a youthful skin, one needs to replenish and maintain these Co-Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10) levels either topically of orally.

Co-Enzyme Q10 plays two important roles in the skin - it penetrates skin cells and provides cell energy necessary for the formation of new and better quality skin cells. It is an anti-oxidant which helps to neutralizes harmful free-radicals, one of the main causes of skin damage.

Basic Consumer Test: Medical science has proven that, unless (any) substances are applied or taken at the correct concentrations; it cannot produce the desired effects. Co-Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10) is a bright yellow substance. Therefore, all creams and lotions containing approved levels of Co-Q10 will be a shade of yellow, depending on the concentration.
Dermatologists and Skin Care Therapists have for some time been searching for an effective treatment incorporating Co Enzyme Q10. Dermasure recognized this need for an intensive, active and effective anti-oxidant treatment range. They have managed to produce a day and night cream with the right percentage of the active ingredients Co Enzyme Q10 and network anti-oxidants. The high concentration levels of these anti-oxidant ingredients ensure maximum penetration of actives yet skin irritation is minimised due to the stable non- irritating base.
Zone has proved to be very effective when used in conjunction with Microdermabrasion, Ultra Sound and IPL Laser Therapy. Zone is particularly effective in preparing the skin prior to any of the above treatments and cosmetic surgery. The end result improvement is more significant. Zone is currently busy with a trial on post acne scarring, pigmentation and stretch marks combining Zone Night cream with microdermabrasion and ultrasound therapy.
Zone contains network anti-oxidants in the correct effective concentrations as studies have shown that Co Enzyme Q10 and anti-oxidants help to repair and rejuvenate the skin however they will only show significant differences when used at certain concentrations. Zone Cosmetics – the next generation skin care - has used medical science to incorporate all these findings into a treatment that gives you the latest in skin care and repair for youthful skin.
We are confident that our product is not just another because it has the scientific backing to substantiate our claims. It makes skin sense for you to use proven active skin care cosmetics.

The products consist of Cleansing Gel, Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Gel. 

ZONE Cleansing Gel R80.00 (These are basic “fixed” retail prices) 125ml tube : This PH balanced, soap-free gel cleanses gently without damaging the skin’s natural protective layers.  No additional toner is required. Apply to wet skin and avoid eye area.

I completely agree with the above.  My skin was thoroughly cleansed and the last traces of make-up removed.  It did not make my skin fell dry or tight and I liked the feel of the gel cleanser and its neutral smell.  Very easy to rinse off the cleanser.


ZONE Day Cream R280.00  (These are basic “fixed” retail prices) 50ml tube : A non-greasy moisturizer with a powerful and effective form of Co Enzyme Q10, plus high concentrations of rejuvenating anti-oxidants which have an anti-wrinkle and smoothing action on the skin, helping to repair visible signs of photo ageing.  Extra protection comes from a broad spectrum sunscreen (SPF20).

It was non-greasy but I found it a bit difficult to apply.  I had to really stroke it over and over until it was absorbed onto the skin.  There was no feeling of pulling or dryness once it was applied, my skin was very happy with the cream.  There was no discernable smell.  I liked that I did not have to apply sunscreen.  No problems in applying make-up over the cream.


ZONE Night Cream R307.00 (These are basic “fixed” retail prices) 50ml tube: An ultra-hydrating night cream with a powerful and effective form of Co Enzyme Q10 combined with high concentrations of rejuvenating anti-oxidants which have an anti-wrinkle and smooth action on the skin, helping to repair visible signs of photo ageing.  Zone Night Cream has double percentage levels of the actives together with hydrating Aloe extract and nourishing Evening Primrose Oil. The range is subtly fragranced with Vanilla Essential Oil making it suitable for men or woman.

This cream was a lot thinner than the day cream and therefore much easier to spread over the face on application.  I didn’t like the smell of it though.  I could only smell it when I was applying it and afterwards the smell disappeared, which I was happy about.  The night cream was also non-greasy and my skin felt really good.  It absorbed well so no residue was left on my pillowcase.


ZONE Eye Gel  - R195.00 (These are basic “fixed” retail prices) 15 ml : A smooth, rapid absorbing eye gel which contains high concentrations of Co Enzyme Q10.  Ideally suited to decrease puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, while restoring a smooth, more radiant appearance to the skin.

This was a light non-sticky eye gel which was rapidly absorbed.  There was no discernable smell from the product.  I haven’t noticed any puffiness on my eyes while using the gel and I don’t seem to see any major lines even though I am now 41. No problems when applying make-up over the gel.


I wish I had taken a photo of my face before starting on these products to see if there has been a difference to my skin, I seem to think there has been.  As I have said below the products, I experienced no dry or pulling feeling to my skin.  My skin also had no adverse reactions.  With daily use the products lasted just over three months.

Zone is available from selected Dermatologists and Salons in the Western Cape.

Zone is also available on MAIL ORDER to the rest of the country (minimum quantities applicable)
For more information, please refer to website
Or call Smiley van Zyl on 082 412 7955

For Mail Orders, please follow these steps :

1. E-mail your order to
2. Please include the following : Physical Address, Postal Address, and Contact Number.
3. You will receive an invoice via e-mail.
4. Do an EFT transfer for the amount invoiced, and send us proof of payment.
5. Delivery normally takes 3 – 5 working days.
Minimum order R 500.00
No extra charge for delivery.


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