Thursday, 22 May 2014

High Tea with 27Pinkx

On Thursday 8 May I went to fetch my travelling companions Inge @inge_loker and Michelle @ordinary_misfit so we could all attend the Durban launch of 27Pinkx.  The launch was held at the beautiful Beverly Hills hotel.

We managed to get through all the traffic and got a great parking very close to the hotel.  Upon entering we started to look for the sign board that would tell us where we needed to go, and couldn’t see one.  A lady sitting in the lounge area stood up and looked at us questionably and then asked if we were here for 27Pinkx.  The lady turned out to be one of our hosts Danielle Franco of Bush Telegraph Publicity.  We went over to greet her and she introduced us to Khatija Ahmed one of the sisters that owns 27Pinkx.  Danielle took us down a curved staircase to the coffee bar.  On the way she told us that Masterchef had been filming in the hotel that day and I said to Inge how great it would be if we saw the judges.  We turn the corner into the coffee bar and .......... yes you guessed it!  There were all the judges relaxing having a drink.  We had a brief chat and Inge had a photo taken with them.

We then continued through to our table with a beautiful view of the sea and the lighthouse.  There were two tables, on the large one was our High Tea eats and the smaller table displayed the amazing items that 27Pinkx sells.

Our Elegant Table


27pinkx was started in 2012 by two sisters Anjum and Khatija Ahmed who felt the need for South African woman to experience a bit of Hollywood luxury.  They stock amazing pallets for eyes, face and lips, makeup brushes and my personal favourite the incredible organisers.  I am going to have to save and save to buy one of them.  They are made from acrylic and the drawers glide out and back in so smoothly.  They would definitely store my makeup beautifully.  I agree with Hazel @beautyshoutbox who said that the organisers could be used to store anything – artists paints, cake decorating tools, scrapbooking supplies etc.

We waited for our fellow attendees and there were only two ladies there that I had not met before, so you can imagine the hugging and excited chatter.  There were five 3 tier cake stands on the table holding the most delicious looking eats and I was quite hungry after my busy day.  I ordered a cappuccino and I must say that it was very good.

Inge Loker getting more beautiful!!

Danielle introduced herself again to us all and welcomed us to the informal launch.  She told us to enjoy ourselves, eat and chat and play with the makeup pallets.  If we had any questions we could ask herself or Khatija.  We all started with the eats and chatting amongst ourselves and of course taking lots of photos.  Then some ladies fetched the makeup pallets and started trying them out.  27Pinkx had given us all the gift of a set of their wonderful brushes so we also oohed and aahed over those.  My favourite colour on one of the makeup pallets was a gold.  Normally when you buy a gold eyeshadow it never looks completely gold when applied.  Not so with this gold – it was pure and bright.  The colours glided effortlessly on and with good coverage as well.  We all loved chatting to each other, eating delicious snacks and playing with makeup.

Food and Makeup

Beautiful Brushes
Thank you to 27Pinkx and Danielle for a wonderful evening and for coming to see us all in Durban.

27Pinkx Press Release :

Makeup storage space - it's the one thing most women never have enough of.  Luckily, the dynamic sisterly duo - Anjum and Khatija Ahmed - better known as 27Pinkx, have the answer for all your makeup storage dilemmas.

Inspired by the glamorous makeup storage units used by celebrities in Hollywood, the enterprising sisters decided to produce their own variations - for everything from lipsticks to brushes to make-up.

“We wanted to bring a little piece of Hollywood luxury to South African women, by offering them stylish yet affordable solutions to makeup storage.”

The clear organizers are made of a durable acrylic that slides open easily and effortlessly. There are several styles to choose from, which range in price from R390 to R1800 – so there’s something to suit all budgets.

Also available in the 27Pinkx line up is a range of high-quality makeup brushes, which allow you to perfect your makeup artistry like a true professional. Good quality tools are of utmost importance if you’re looking to achieve a professional looking makeup application. In the range, you’ll find everything from foundation to powder to blusher and eye shadow brushes.

Then there’s the sister’s much talked about range of makeup palettes and pigments. Whether you want a natural look, or one that’s more dramatic - 27Pinkx has a palette for you.

For a more comprehensive look at what’s on offer from 27Pinkx, check out their website at: 27Pinkx or follow them on Facebook for regular updates and specials.

For additional information on Stylish Storage Solutions 27Pinkx or 27Pinkx
please do not hesitate to contact Danielle Franco 083 629 2592


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