Thursday, 15 May 2014

For the Love of Stationery

I have always loved stationery.  When I was in senior primary school I had a box with notepaper and matching envelopes and I would swop with other girls.  Well, in between playing marbles under the trees.  I managed to keep the box of notepaper and envelopes over the years and I passed it onto my daughter Laura.

I love pretty, quirky and elegant stationery.  There is nothing nicer than writing down to-do lists in a pretty notebook.  Everything feels achieveable.  I like to follow stationery brands to see what is available – okay! To ooh and aah over everything!!

One of these brands is ORDNING&REDA.  I can’t remember how I found out about them, it could have been my sister Carryn who told me.  Anyway, I started following them on Facebook and when I went up to JHB to stay with my sister and attend Hobby-X, she took me to Sandton City.  Wow!  A beautiful store filled with stunning, colourful stationery and accessories.  ORDNING&REDA is elegance, style and luxury. Swedish design + stationery = ORDNING&REDA.

I love that you can buy items in your favourite colour,  mine is blue.  There are notebooks, pens, pencil cases etc in blue.  So I could outfit myself with an entire range in my favourite colour.

I own the DAVID croco notebook, RONDO ballpoint pen and JOYCE pencil case – all of course in blue.  The pencil case is fabulous!  A perfect compact size.  My darling sister bought me the beautiful gold RUTH bag for my birthday this year.

DAVID croco notebook on left

RONDO ballpoint pen and pencil

JOYCE pencil case

RUTH bag

I’m sad to say that the only ORDNING&REDA store in South Africa is in JHB.  I really, really hope that they decide to open one here in Durban.  But I have been told that you are able to place an order and they will deliver to you countrywide.
You MUST go to their Facebook page and look at all the beautiful items!!  Here are three more pictures to drool over :

Croco heart keyring
CHARLOTTE purse (love this!)
iPad cases in zip or clip closure

Here is the official bio on the company :

ORDNING&REDA® is a Swedish company that designs, produces and distributes a range of high quality notebooks, bags (laptop, iPad, travel bags), accessories (phone holders, key rings, travel wallets, luggage tags, passport holders etc), desktop solutions and more. 

All the products are easily recognisable by their pure and simple style, a typical hallmark of Scandinavian design.

The range is carefully worked out to the tiniest detail and we live to develop each product into the ultimate combination of smart design and functionality. Several have been part of the range ever since we opened and have become bestselling classics. The colours, design and usefulness of our products make maintaining order a pleasure, both at home and at work.

The first ORDNING&REDA® shop opened 30 years ago in 1982, in Stockholm.

A full concept ORDNING&REDA® store opened in the new Sandton City Protea Court in November 2011. 

Since 2003 ORDNING&REDA® is a subsidiary within the BODUM Group. Today ORDNING&REDA® operates in 14 countries worldwide, with shops in major cities including London, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Barcelona, Oslo, Geneva, Vienna and Rome. 

Each shop operates independently within the concept, but shares a common décor and marketing programme managed from the Service Centre.

Brandgroup International (Pty) Ltd are the exclusive distributors of ORDNING&REDA® in South Africa.

Store L338 - Protea Court
Sandton City


  1. You will have to come up to Sandton City again to go shopping at Ordning & Reda - love their things too!

  2. Lovely goodies..I will definitely check it out on my next visit...the Ruth bag n the pink ipad cover are on my radar!