Thursday, 22 May 2014

High Tea with 27Pinkx

On Thursday 8 May I went to fetch my travelling companions Inge @inge_loker and Michelle @ordinary_misfit so we could all attend the Durban launch of 27Pinkx.  The launch was held at the beautiful Beverly Hills hotel.

We managed to get through all the traffic and got a great parking very close to the hotel.  Upon entering we started to look for the sign board that would tell us where we needed to go, and couldn’t see one.  A lady sitting in the lounge area stood up and looked at us questionably and then asked if we were here for 27Pinkx.  The lady turned out to be one of our hosts Danielle Franco of Bush Telegraph Publicity.  We went over to greet her and she introduced us to Khatija Ahmed one of the sisters that owns 27Pinkx.  Danielle took us down a curved staircase to the coffee bar.  On the way she told us that Masterchef had been filming in the hotel that day and I said to Inge how great it would be if we saw the judges.  We turn the corner into the coffee bar and .......... yes you guessed it!  There were all the judges relaxing having a drink.  We had a brief chat and Inge had a photo taken with them.

We then continued through to our table with a beautiful view of the sea and the lighthouse.  There were two tables, on the large one was our High Tea eats and the smaller table displayed the amazing items that 27Pinkx sells.

Our Elegant Table


27pinkx was started in 2012 by two sisters Anjum and Khatija Ahmed who felt the need for South African woman to experience a bit of Hollywood luxury.  They stock amazing pallets for eyes, face and lips, makeup brushes and my personal favourite the incredible organisers.  I am going to have to save and save to buy one of them.  They are made from acrylic and the drawers glide out and back in so smoothly.  They would definitely store my makeup beautifully.  I agree with Hazel @beautyshoutbox who said that the organisers could be used to store anything – artists paints, cake decorating tools, scrapbooking supplies etc.

We waited for our fellow attendees and there were only two ladies there that I had not met before, so you can imagine the hugging and excited chatter.  There were five 3 tier cake stands on the table holding the most delicious looking eats and I was quite hungry after my busy day.  I ordered a cappuccino and I must say that it was very good.

Inge Loker getting more beautiful!!

Danielle introduced herself again to us all and welcomed us to the informal launch.  She told us to enjoy ourselves, eat and chat and play with the makeup pallets.  If we had any questions we could ask herself or Khatija.  We all started with the eats and chatting amongst ourselves and of course taking lots of photos.  Then some ladies fetched the makeup pallets and started trying them out.  27Pinkx had given us all the gift of a set of their wonderful brushes so we also oohed and aahed over those.  My favourite colour on one of the makeup pallets was a gold.  Normally when you buy a gold eyeshadow it never looks completely gold when applied.  Not so with this gold – it was pure and bright.  The colours glided effortlessly on and with good coverage as well.  We all loved chatting to each other, eating delicious snacks and playing with makeup.

Food and Makeup

Beautiful Brushes
Thank you to 27Pinkx and Danielle for a wonderful evening and for coming to see us all in Durban.

27Pinkx Press Release :

Makeup storage space - it's the one thing most women never have enough of.  Luckily, the dynamic sisterly duo - Anjum and Khatija Ahmed - better known as 27Pinkx, have the answer for all your makeup storage dilemmas.

Inspired by the glamorous makeup storage units used by celebrities in Hollywood, the enterprising sisters decided to produce their own variations - for everything from lipsticks to brushes to make-up.

“We wanted to bring a little piece of Hollywood luxury to South African women, by offering them stylish yet affordable solutions to makeup storage.”

The clear organizers are made of a durable acrylic that slides open easily and effortlessly. There are several styles to choose from, which range in price from R390 to R1800 – so there’s something to suit all budgets.

Also available in the 27Pinkx line up is a range of high-quality makeup brushes, which allow you to perfect your makeup artistry like a true professional. Good quality tools are of utmost importance if you’re looking to achieve a professional looking makeup application. In the range, you’ll find everything from foundation to powder to blusher and eye shadow brushes.

Then there’s the sister’s much talked about range of makeup palettes and pigments. Whether you want a natural look, or one that’s more dramatic - 27Pinkx has a palette for you.

For a more comprehensive look at what’s on offer from 27Pinkx, check out their website at: 27Pinkx or follow them on Facebook for regular updates and specials.

For additional information on Stylish Storage Solutions 27Pinkx or 27Pinkx
please do not hesitate to contact Danielle Franco 083 629 2592


Thursday, 15 May 2014

For the Love of Stationery

I have always loved stationery.  When I was in senior primary school I had a box with notepaper and matching envelopes and I would swop with other girls.  Well, in between playing marbles under the trees.  I managed to keep the box of notepaper and envelopes over the years and I passed it onto my daughter Laura.

I love pretty, quirky and elegant stationery.  There is nothing nicer than writing down to-do lists in a pretty notebook.  Everything feels achieveable.  I like to follow stationery brands to see what is available – okay! To ooh and aah over everything!!

One of these brands is ORDNING&REDA.  I can’t remember how I found out about them, it could have been my sister Carryn who told me.  Anyway, I started following them on Facebook and when I went up to JHB to stay with my sister and attend Hobby-X, she took me to Sandton City.  Wow!  A beautiful store filled with stunning, colourful stationery and accessories.  ORDNING&REDA is elegance, style and luxury. Swedish design + stationery = ORDNING&REDA.

I love that you can buy items in your favourite colour,  mine is blue.  There are notebooks, pens, pencil cases etc in blue.  So I could outfit myself with an entire range in my favourite colour.

I own the DAVID croco notebook, RONDO ballpoint pen and JOYCE pencil case – all of course in blue.  The pencil case is fabulous!  A perfect compact size.  My darling sister bought me the beautiful gold RUTH bag for my birthday this year.

DAVID croco notebook on left

RONDO ballpoint pen and pencil

JOYCE pencil case

RUTH bag

I’m sad to say that the only ORDNING&REDA store in South Africa is in JHB.  I really, really hope that they decide to open one here in Durban.  But I have been told that you are able to place an order and they will deliver to you countrywide.
You MUST go to their Facebook page and look at all the beautiful items!!  Here are three more pictures to drool over :

Croco heart keyring
CHARLOTTE purse (love this!)
iPad cases in zip or clip closure

Here is the official bio on the company :

ORDNING&REDA® is a Swedish company that designs, produces and distributes a range of high quality notebooks, bags (laptop, iPad, travel bags), accessories (phone holders, key rings, travel wallets, luggage tags, passport holders etc), desktop solutions and more. 

All the products are easily recognisable by their pure and simple style, a typical hallmark of Scandinavian design.

The range is carefully worked out to the tiniest detail and we live to develop each product into the ultimate combination of smart design and functionality. Several have been part of the range ever since we opened and have become bestselling classics. The colours, design and usefulness of our products make maintaining order a pleasure, both at home and at work.

The first ORDNING&REDA® shop opened 30 years ago in 1982, in Stockholm.

A full concept ORDNING&REDA® store opened in the new Sandton City Protea Court in November 2011. 

Since 2003 ORDNING&REDA® is a subsidiary within the BODUM Group. Today ORDNING&REDA® operates in 14 countries worldwide, with shops in major cities including London, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Barcelona, Oslo, Geneva, Vienna and Rome. 

Each shop operates independently within the concept, but shares a common d├ęcor and marketing programme managed from the Service Centre.

Brandgroup International (Pty) Ltd are the exclusive distributors of ORDNING&REDA® in South Africa.

Store L338 - Protea Court
Sandton City

Monday, 12 May 2014

Birthday Lunch at Granny Mouse

On Saturday 10 May was my 41st birthday!  I woke up early as usual and Neil gave me rooibos tea in bed.  There was a bucket of school shirts that I had to put into the washing machine, but that was the only housework I was going to do.  I climbed back into bed and Neil brought me a delicious croissant with apricot jam and thin sliver of brie on – so yummy!  And of course the all important cup of coffee!!

Then Laura brought my presents – beautiful bunch of flowers, box of chocolates, 2 x nougat and fudge.  All from Woolworths which are my favourites.

Our lunch booking was at 12pm at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa so we needed to leave by 10:30am to make the drive from Kloof to the Midlands.  We dropped Laura at my parents on the way.  Where was Caleb?  Well he was away down the coast with a friend!  I did get a happy birthday message from him – at 12:30pm!

Now let me tell you a bit about our history with Granny Mouse.  When we got married in 1994 (yes it is 20 years this year!), Neil booked at Granny Mouse for the first night of our honeymoon.  We drove straight there after the reception, in the dark with a toilet paper etc covered car, along windy roads.  Granny Mouse was a warm and welcome sight when we arrived and we had a beautiful room with a balcony looking out over the river and a gorgeous four poster bed.  We had parked our car under pine trees and we could take our suitcases out and walk straight across to our room.  They even washed our car for us in the morning.
Wedding Chapel

One of the Rooms

Water Feature outside Reception

Water Feature outside the Spa

So when we drove into Granny Mouse yesterday, we were amazed at the changes.  There was covered parking under the pine trees and no longer could you walk straight across to the room.  There was now a spa, chapel, conference centre and extra rooms added.  Even the entrance/reception had changed.  What hadn’t changed was the warm welcome and service.  We walked into the reception area and were warmly welcomed and once we said we were here for lunch were whisked off to the Bistro restaurant.  We bypassed lovely comfortable couches in warm rooms on the way. 

We chose a table next to the fireplace in the restaurant as it was a bit of a chilly day.  We ordered Appletisers to drink (if you didn’t know Neil and I don’t drink alcohol, a decision we made 20 years ago) and then had to try decide what to choose to eat.  There was a nice array of starters from calamari, Thai fishcakes and snails but we both chose to have the Tempura Prawns.  They were really crunchy and delicious.  My mains order was for Beef fillet medallions with creamed spinach and potato rosti and I chose a mushroom sauce with.  Neil ordered a rump steak with chips and onion rings and chose a pepper sauce.  Oh My!  The beef fillet was melt in the mouth and the potato rosti was lovely and crunchy.  I really enjoyed that dish.  Neil was making appreciative noises about his food as well.

Tempura Prawns

Beef Fillet Medallions

Black Cherry Tart

Our very attentive waitress took our empty plates away and asked if we would like to see the desserts – YES!!  We looked at the choices and now we just had to make a decision.  We decided to choose two different desserts and then share.  We actually do this regularly.  I chose the black cherry tart and Neil chose white chocolate mousse.  What pretty creations were delivered to the table.  The desserts were so delicious and I especially loved the black cherry tart.

The General Manager of Granny Mouse, Sean Granger came over to our table to wish me happy birthday – knew from twitter!!  We chatted for a bit and told him about our honeymoon and how amazed we were about all the changes.  We had ordered cappuccinos to round out our meal, so we sat back to chat and relax.  The cappys were very good!  The foam was very fine and creamy and the coffee was delicious.  We finished our cappys and then it was time to go.  Well that is what we had decided to do.  We couldn’t understand why our attentive waitress was nowhere to be seen.  I thought I might have to get up and find her.

Suddenly she appeared with a large white plate with happy birthday piped on it in dark chocolate and two pretty cupcakes.  Awwww that really made my day so extra special.  Neil and I were just too full to eat cupcakes so we took them home. 
My Cupcake Birthday Surprise

We went for a bit of a walk before leaving, down to the viewing deck and swimming pool.  It was much colder outside than when we had arrived so we didn’t stay out there too long.  It looks like a beautiful place to have a cappy and look at the scenery. 
Pool on the Deck
We slowly made our way to the car to leave.   It would have been wonderful to have had a room to go and collapse in as we were both feeling a bit tired, from all the good food and fun.  If you are visiting the Midlands you have to either stay or have lunch at Granny Mouse.  It is beautiful there and we had such a lovely time.

I was sad to leave but Neil said he would take me to Typo on the way home.  No way was I saying no to that!!  Typo always has such beautiful stationery, but I managed to restrain myself to just buying 5 x file folders for myself and earphones for Laura for her birthday.

I had a wonderful and blessed 41st birthday!
Telephone : 033 234 4071

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Meandering with Merryl

In March we spent a wonderful time with my aunt Merryl (Dad’s sister) who was out from Australia.  Carryn (my sister) came down from Jhb so that she could also see Merryl .  We had such fun taking Merryl everywhere we could think of – Midlands, SPCA charity shops, Animal anti-cruelty league charity shop, Lou Harvey, Waste Centre fabrics, Decorex, Fat Tuesday etc etc  One of our favourites is always the Midlands trip.

We drove up during the week while the kids were at school.  Neil actually had to fetch the kids for me as we took our time.  Our first stop was Piggly Wiggly with its wonderful array of shops.  It really is a one stop shop for the whole family.  You can have breakfast or lunch and coffee at the restaurant, play on the putt putt course and have pizza at the pizza place, lovely jungle gym for the kids.  There are lots of shops – gallery, deli, antiques and collectables, clothing, furniture, bath and body products, wine, books and leather shop.

It was a beautiful sunny and clear blue sky day and we took our time wandering into the shops and oohing and aahing over all the amazing items.  

Piggly Wiggly
After Piggly Wiggly we took a short drive up the road to go to Tsonga.  I had a R500 voucher that I had won at the Rain Africa bloggers meet and was very keen to spend it.  We were very impressed with the Tsonga Midlands shop and their very helpful shop assistants.  I was even more thrilled as they were having a sale on selected shoes and I was able to get two pairs (by paying in a bit).  Merryl also bought three pairs of shoes.
The Midlands Tsonga Shop
On our way to the Howick Hospice shop we stopped at Treasures & Trash which is in an old railway station masters house.  This was especially thrilling for my Mom as her Grandfather was a station master.  We had to be so careful walking around in the rooms as the house is nearly overflowing with beautiful glassware and other collectables.  In an outside room is the Dargle Valley pottery.

Treasures & Trash and the Dargle Valley Pottery

Then it was onto the Howick Hospice Shop, SPCA charity shop and SPCA charity bookshop.  By this time we were VERY hungry!  It had already been decided that our lunch venue would be Yellowwood Cafe with its view of the Howick Falls.  What a spectacular view it was.  I haven’t seen the falls flowing that fully ever.  We took a table situated under the trees and placed our order.  Merryl, Carryn and I had delicious pies and my parents had the special of sausages and gravy.  It was so relaxing sitting, eating and chatting.

Yellowwood Cafe

Our final Midlands stop was the last SPCA charity shop situated near the Howick falls.  My Mom found the most fabulous genuine leather bag there.  We were very tired and happy as we made our way back down the freeway towards home.  My car boot was laden with all the bargain shopping!

This was hardly a blip on the radar of the Midlands Meander.  There are hundreds of places to see, buy, eat and stay at.  If you are down in Durban for a visit I really encourage you to take a day trip on the Midlands Meander.  Buy the Meander map (R5) before the time if you can, so you can decide which places to stop at.  The Meander maps are available at the Moses Mabhida stadium tourist information centre.  You can also get them at most of the shops or restaurants on the Meander.

I am hoping we can do a full Midlands Meander day in the July school holidays as I would like to go to Swissland Cheese and a few other places we haven’t been to in quite awhile.