Monday, 14 April 2014

#DBNbloggermeet Prizes

There are going to be a lot of posts to do with the Durban Bloggers event and today I am going to share with you some of the pictures I took of the prize winners.

As I said in my previous post, ALL the ladies got a prize.  Unfortunately I did not get a chance to take a picture of everyone with their prize.

Here is a list of the ladies names and what they won :

Elephantshoe (customised stamp): Jane @gijane_zn

Thrift Collection (mug): Andrea @andreaCbarras

Thrift Collection : Maheshree @maheshree2610

Little Mud Hut Designs : Amelia @DaisyTazz

Rain Africa : Hazel @beautyshoutbox

Rain Africa: Nazneen @honesthoneybee

Rain Africa : Raeesa @greenhijabgirl

Rain Africa : Nicola @NicolaLMeyer

REN South Africa : Liz @lizlaughalot

REN South Africa : Fathima @noodlesndoodles

REN South Africa : Pippa @PipsRowney

Amla Legend : Verushka @verushka143

Philosophia Botanica : Briget @becausei

Second Treasures (sign) : Cath @cathjenkin

Synergy (hair makeover) : Claire @ClaireNorden

Synergy (Davines products): Faeema @fayinthemaze

Garnier : Shirley @CuizineDurban

Gaelyn Cokayne’s Fat to Fit : Inge @inge_loker

Huawai : Nadia @nadiavdmescht

Book (Girl Walks into a Bar): Pat @trishpp

Bodyshop : Megan @megandeane

It's a Bling Thing : Kerry @_kerry_berry_

Maybelline : Jane @jane10net

Book (Carpe Diem or Bust by Cherie Roe Dirksen): Michelle @ordinary_misfit

Two extremely blessed ladies also won a brand new Lenovo Yoga Tablet : Kerry and Nazneen.

We wanted to be extremely fair with the prize draws so we had Nazreen from Hashtag do the draws.  The prizes were all numbered and a name was drawn first and then the number.  This also made it more exciting as the ladies didn’t know what they had won.

Cath with her sign from Second Treasure

Fathima with her Ren prize

Hazel with her prize from Rain Africa

Amelia with her pretties from Little Mud Hut Designs

Nazneen with Rain Africa

Faeema with her Davines products from Synergy

Claire with her fab hair makeover voucher from Synergy

Jane with her prize for a customised stamp from Elephantshoe

Andrea with her prize from Thrift Collection

Kerry blessed with the Lenovo tablet

Nazneem blessed with the Lenovo Tablet

A great BIG thank you to all our sponsors again!


  1. Oh my word, are you all Durban bloggers? I have been missing out! :-)