Wednesday, 30 April 2014

#DBNbloggermeet Goodie Bag (1)

This is the third post in my #DBNbloggermeet series and today I am going to tell you a bit about some of the items we received in our goodie bags – well 7 of the items.


Elephantshoe very kindly gave all the ladies a fabulous daily planner which was so beautifully wrapped.  It was so hard unwrapping it but I needed to see what was inside.  I cannot remember when I first came across Elephantshoe, it was either on Facebook or Twitter.  As am a confirmed stationery addict this was a company I was definitely going to like and follow.  Their website is filled with such beautiful items such as washi tape, envelopes, bitty bags, paper cups, tote bags etc.  They also make items to order such as stamps, event cards and monograms.  One of their very special items is their monthly subscription I Love You Box.  You are able to take out 1, 3 or 6 month subscription to this box,  which is filled with practical and pretty items.  I have just paid for the May box (my birthday gift to myself) and I cannot wait to receive it!!  The daily planner was an item in their January I Love You Box.   @elephantshoe_

Lou Harvey

We received a pretty keyring purse and a sample pack of their new Origin Bespoke Stationery.  I already know Lou Harvey well, as Laura and I visit their Hillcrest factory shop often to ooh and aah over their gorgeous stuff.  Laura has her own keyring purse (so I get this one!), pencil case and lunch bag.  Inside the pretty little gift bag is bunting, cupcake flags and cupcake sleeves.  Drool online at @LouHarveyBags or find your closest Lou Harvey store.


Second Treasures Eco-Chic Decor & Furniture

The very talented Christi Smith owns Second Treasures where she makes over old, tired and boring furniture into new and exciting pieces that you want to display in your home.  You can even take her your own furniture to re-do.  Christi also makes the most beautiful signs out of wood offcuts.  I still need to find the perfect place to put my “Love” sign.  You must visit her at 1 Bona Terra Road in Assagay Hillcrest.  Her shop is filled with amazing furniture and other decor items.  She also puts up before and after photos of furniture on her Facebook page.

Swee and Moo

Swee and Moo are on a mission “to delight the world with original, quirky, lovely, locally-sourced, hand-drawn and hand made greeting cards.” Chantelle and Richard Armstrong are the talented duo behind Swee and Moo.   I knew about Swee and Moo as my son Caleb is friends with Chantelle’s brother.  They sell at various markets and I first saw their cards at I Heart Market.  I bought their  “I Still Want to Grow Old With You” card as a birthday card for my hubby last year.  So looking forward to giving my Mother this beautiful card for Mother’s Day.


The Thrift Collection

This is Laura’s favourite place to buy clothes from.  Every Monday evening at 8:30pm we both excitedly wait for the pictures of the latest clothes to be uploaded.  You need to be the first person to comment in order to get the item and this is because they are second hand clothes and there is only one of that particular item.  Laura has chosen so many wonderful tops and shorts for herself and I have even found items for me.  Thrift also sell at markets and I first saw them at the I Heart Market.


YW Couture

YW Couture is a Durban based fashion designer whose “ethos is to produce luxurious clothing and accessories handmade entirely Africa from locally sourced materials.”  I received this wonderful denim bag made out of different colours of denim.  All the ladies received a unique bag with no two being alike.   

Washi Bug

I llloooovvveeee washi tape and it is so versatile in that you can use it in decor, wrap gifts and in crafts.  My daughter chose a roll of washi tape last year (from Washi Bug) that we used to cover her light switch cover and along her cupboard shelves.  I was thrilled when Washi Bug said they would sponsor tape for the meet, and hubby took me early on the Saturday morning to the Shongweni Farmers Market to fetch the parcel.  I was so tempted to choose the tape I wanted but decided to just put into the goodie bags and see what I ended up with later, which turned out to be a lovely red with white daisy like flowers.    @papertreets


We certainly were extremely blessed #DBNbloggermeet ladies!!
*I apologise for some of the bad photos :(

Monday, 14 April 2014

#DBNbloggermeet Prizes

There are going to be a lot of posts to do with the Durban Bloggers event and today I am going to share with you some of the pictures I took of the prize winners.

As I said in my previous post, ALL the ladies got a prize.  Unfortunately I did not get a chance to take a picture of everyone with their prize.

Here is a list of the ladies names and what they won :

Elephantshoe (customised stamp): Jane @gijane_zn

Thrift Collection (mug): Andrea @andreaCbarras

Thrift Collection : Maheshree @maheshree2610

Little Mud Hut Designs : Amelia @DaisyTazz

Rain Africa : Hazel @beautyshoutbox

Rain Africa: Nazneen @honesthoneybee

Rain Africa : Raeesa @greenhijabgirl

Rain Africa : Nicola @NicolaLMeyer

REN South Africa : Liz @lizlaughalot

REN South Africa : Fathima @noodlesndoodles

REN South Africa : Pippa @PipsRowney

Amla Legend : Verushka @verushka143

Philosophia Botanica : Briget @becausei

Second Treasures (sign) : Cath @cathjenkin

Synergy (hair makeover) : Claire @ClaireNorden

Synergy (Davines products): Faeema @fayinthemaze

Garnier : Shirley @CuizineDurban

Gaelyn Cokayne’s Fat to Fit : Inge @inge_loker

Huawai : Nadia @nadiavdmescht

Book (Girl Walks into a Bar): Pat @trishpp

Bodyshop : Megan @megandeane

It's a Bling Thing : Kerry @_kerry_berry_

Maybelline : Jane @jane10net

Book (Carpe Diem or Bust by Cherie Roe Dirksen): Michelle @ordinary_misfit

Two extremely blessed ladies also won a brand new Lenovo Yoga Tablet : Kerry and Nazneen.

We wanted to be extremely fair with the prize draws so we had Nazreen from Hashtag do the draws.  The prizes were all numbered and a name was drawn first and then the number.  This also made it more exciting as the ladies didn’t know what they had won.

Cath with her sign from Second Treasure

Fathima with her Ren prize

Hazel with her prize from Rain Africa

Amelia with her pretties from Little Mud Hut Designs

Nazneen with Rain Africa

Faeema with her Davines products from Synergy

Claire with her fab hair makeover voucher from Synergy

Jane with her prize for a customised stamp from Elephantshoe

Andrea with her prize from Thrift Collection

Kerry blessed with the Lenovo tablet

Nazneem blessed with the Lenovo Tablet

A great BIG thank you to all our sponsors again!

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Saturday 5 April dawned sunny, partly cloudy with a bit of a breeze.  This was the day that the 25 ladies bloggers had been excitedly waiting for.  After years of planning (really felt like it!) okay! months of planning it was D day.

I firstly had to make an early morning trip over to the Shongweni Farmers Market to pick up the beautiful washi tape from Washi Bug.  Then it was home to do make-up, hair and get dressed.  My sweet hubby and kids loaded the car with all the prizes and the delicious cupcakes from Smith's Bakeshop (how they were all there was a miracle!)

Hubby drove me down to Hashtag (18 Windermere Road) and we parked just down from the restaurant.  Michelle was already there and Hashtag staff had just opened up and were busily sweeping, washing floors and moving furniture.  Okay I just have to tell you a bit about the history of this gorgeous building : it is known as Little Chelsea and it is a Victorian double-storey building with a cast-iron verandah. It was designed by architects Reed & Hurst in 1897 and was built for L Evans.  It was declared a National Monument on the 9 May 1986.  Hashtag have a lovely outdoor seating area with white couches.  The inside is very spacious with a nice amount of seating and you can even sit at the bar.  Lots of ladies were raving about the quirky "selfie" zone bathrooms and many pictures were taken there.

Verushka also arrived while the staff were busy and once they were done we all went into high gear unpacking cars, putting the last items in the goodie bags, setting the tables and generally running around like mad women.

Table Setting

Hubby put up the Uber banners inside as there was just too much wind outside.  Ross from Uber was extremely generous by offering a VIP ride in a stylish vehicle for one lady to and from the blogger meet.  I ran the twitter competition (first time I have done a competition) and Faeema was drawn as the winner of this fabulous prize.  Uber also gave a special code that all the ladies could use to get a discount on a ride AND gave us all 2 x R200 cards for first time users of Uber.

It was lovely to watch all the ladies arrive, take a seat and immediately start chatting.  Faeema was the last to arrive in a beautiful silver Mercedes and then it was time to start.  Verushka welcomed everyone and then I introduced Mandy from Kitten Action.  She explained to us what Kitten Action does and told us how blessed she was with our donation (R1250-00 and LOTS of kitten food).

Mandy from Kitten Action

Then it was onto the Lenovo ladies who created huge excitement with their review of the Yoga tablet and saying one lady would win it.  We had to tweet what we would give up and it was so funny seeing what ladies were willing to do.  We all continued tweeting for Lenovo even while Brett from Fry's spoke to us about flatulent cows and how just by giving up meat for one day a week helps with the cow problem :) Fry's were the ones who started the Meat Free Mondays that we now see people tweeting about every Monday.  The next talk was from Karen of Philosophia Botanica (skin and body care) who passed around amazing products for us to try.  She is in the process of opening up a spa where these products will be used.  I just love this quote from the Philosophia Botanica website

'' Beauty comes from within. Make time for rest, reflection and meditation before you worry about how you look. Deep internal rest nourishes better health which, all by itself, nourishes radiant Beauty. "

Lenovo Tweeting
Brett from Fry's
Michelle explained to us all about Hashtag's pizzas and how three ladies would be able to build their own pizza on the restaurants three tablets.  We could order ANY toppings on our individual pizzas!  Hashtag also supplied us with soft drinks and cappuccinos.  Hashtag were INCREDIBLY generous to us and we had amazing service.  I am not exaggerating!!  I ordered the Lamb & Mint pizza and was blown away by its deliciousness.  Lovely thin crust and just the right amount of topping. 

My mouth is drooling just thinking of it.  All the ladies were making appreciative noises about their pizzas.  Guaranteed that many will be back to experience their divine pizzas and other dishes on their menu.  I must commend our waitress "Mush" on her service.  She managed to take orders and deliver drinks to all the ladies calmly and competently. 


The blessed winner of the Lenovo tablet was Kerry and then it was announced that because the ladies had been so incredible with their tweeting they would give a second one away.  The second one was won by Nazneen.  Two very thrilled ladies!!

Oh yes!  During all the things that were happening draws were taking place for the prizes.  Every single lady received a prize!!

Finally the time had arrived to hand out the goodie bags.  I must say that it was one of my favourite parts of the day.  The look on all the ladies faces as the bags came out and the excited chatter as they started to look through their bags.  It really blessed me.

Goodie Bag Excitement

A few ladies had to leave and could not stay for dessert (I must say that we were already passed the time of the end of the meet).  We placed our orders for dessert and I had the banana fudge spring roll mmmm mmmmm mmmmm.

Sorry no dessert before picture :)

Then it was really time to wrap up and pack up.  Faeema used the Uber app on her phone to order a car and Michelle and I acted like the paparazzi when her luxury car arrived to whisk her home with all her loot.  Michelle and I did some sorting out, had a photo with Mush and Ronaldo (the masterful chef) and then it was time to say our goodbyes to the incredible Hashtag.  Thank you for all the love and attention.  It was the most amazing meeting venue.

Ssifiso from Uber

Luxury Service!

 Thank you to all our incredible sponsors!!